Coming back from the dead:

Megabrain author Mike Hutchison writes new book

about his awakening & enlightenment  Part 2


By Nicky Vanvalkenburgh



While running, Hutchison saw two husky men in the distance. “I could barely make them out through the snow, but they appeared to be talking with each other, and glancing at me. I realized that I’d seen these men before. They had been parked in a pickup truck at the end of my long driveway, where my dirt road turned into a paved road. I’d wondered who they were when I drove away from my house that afternoon. As I looked up at them in the thickness of the snowstorm it appeared that both of them were carrying heavy walking sticks or rifles.”


Hutchison says these men grabbed him and hurled him off a 60-foot icy bridge. “They sent me cart wheeling through the snowy air,” recalls Hutchison. “With a thunderous smack and jolt, I landed on a giant boulder in the water. I felt the bones in my spine getting crushed. My head also smashed against the boulders, and instantly I was paralyzed. As I slipped into the icy water, I felt myself die from hypothermia,” he recalls.


Downstream, Hutchison’s body was later discovered. He was underwater, and had been dead over an hour. Miraculously, Hutchison woke up in the hospital emergency room. Doctors resuscitated him with electrical shocks to his chest. Hutchison choked, sputtered and his heart started beating again. “I was alive, but I don’t remember much about this experience. It’s just a montage of disconnected scenes,” he said.


Still in the emergency room, Hutchison’s blood was so cold that doctors circulated his blood through a warming unit and then pumped the warm blood back into his body.

When Hutchison was warm enough to operate on, the doctors discovered there was spinal cord damage: “They found an incredible mess of broken and crushed bones, like one of those long multi-car smash ups on the freeway, with cars turned over, flipped up on top of each other, a scene of total chaos.


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Article originally appeared in AVS Journal, Vol. 9, #1, copyright: Michael Landgraf, publisher. All rights reserved.

AVS Journal vol 9.1