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Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment MP3s for Yoga Meditation

Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment MP3s for Yoga Meditation


MP3s utilizing audio frequency stimulation for brainwave entrainment in the lower states of consciousness, low alpha, theta and high delta specifically, have proven quite effective while practicing yoga and meditation. As your brain is stimulated by the audio frequencies of the MP3 session, your mind begins to mimic the stimulation, becoming entrained to the frequencies as they gently lead your mind into deep states of mental, emotional and physical awareness.

These audio brainwave frequency MP3 sessions easily download to your smartphone playlist or MP3 player and can be enjoyed either with your eyes open or closed to achieve maximum results during your yoga or meditative routine. And the volume should be just below the level of your hearing, set comfortably as your mind hears the stimulation but you are not consciously aware of the sound. Just remember playing these MP3s loud do not make them more effective.

The 515 virtual mindmachine alpha (20:16 min), theta (10:10 min) and alpha / theta combination (7:10 min) features dual independent binaural beat frequencies and can be lengthened simply by pressing repeat on your playlist screen. All three sessions produce a feeling of profound relaxation and focused inner-awareness. The 515 LoopLogic series are much the same, also utilizing dual independent binaural beat frequencies, only the tracks are in 1 Hertz intervals allowing you to create specific frequency patterns that meet your particular needs.










The Universal Frequency MP3 utilizes exactly what it says: the frequency of the universe (432 Hz) as the pitch. This is a multi-layered binaural beat session (17:44 min) for deep alpha and theta meditation. Created by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf, the Universal Frequency MP3 is based on the scientific research that was unearthed by scholars studying the Great Pyramid of Giza and the five surrounding pyramids in Egypt.


To assist you in the art of yoga breathing, our 12 minute Classic Pranayama Yoga MP3 combines verbal guidance with music, bells and the sounds of nature. The goal is, through breathing, to bring more oxygen to the blood and brain for achieving your highest level of self-purification and self-discipline.








For accessing creative thought while deeply relaxed, our 20 minute Deep Meditation session is one of our most popular MP3s. Combing specific tones with music and the natural sounds emanating from lakes and their shoreline, listeners remark that they achieve a deep, rather hypnogogic state of yogic tranquility.



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“The Frequency of the Universe”

“The Frequency of the Universe”




The frequency of the universe is 432Hz and is one of the fundamental frequencies of universal oscillation. The ancient Egyptians understood this oscillation and it’s harmonic relationship to resonant tones as researchers discovered through their studies of the wind chambers found in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Egyptians understood the concept of universal harmonic frequency alignment and utilized their knowledge for the promotion of health and wellbeing. Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver have taken this understanding and applied this concept for use with today’s technology. Through this incorporation of ancient wisdom and neurotech design you are now able to experience the positive and beneficial effects of what the ancient Egyptians already knew and what many of us are just realizing: that frequencies can affect our brainwaves in a positive manner and can calm and relax the listener into a beneficial sense of wellbeing.

Frequency generation for stimulating our mental, emotional and physical states of being can produce positive results. “The Frequency of the Universe” is a deeply layered binaural beat session with 432Hz as the pitch with multiple offset binaural frequencies designed to lead you into a deep alpha and theta brainwave state. This MP3 session is ideal for serious meditation and positive thought.

To learn in detail about evidence that ancient Egyptians possessed superior technology and sophisticated knowledge of science and the cosmos, much more than they were previously given credit for, visit the following link on You Tube that shows rare footage of six distinct pyramid sites:

After viewing this footage and listening to the narration you will understand why we designed this unique and one-of-a-kind MP3 audio brainwave session. MP3 / Length: 17:44 minutes.


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Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?

Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?

There are many factors that influence the way we feel about our body, including our upbringing and media influence. Body image impacts our life by affecting how we feel about our self, how we project our self, and how we take responsibility for our personal best.



Your body is an amazing and beautiful instrument. Changing the way you think about it is the key to changing behavior. Hypnosis can help change the way you see yourself at an unconscious level. Take this quiz to find out where your body image stands now–and how you can improve it.


About MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s

About MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s:


MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s are mind-interacting audio sessions for helping you achieve your personal goals, be it a change in habitual behavior or seeking to improve your mental, emotional and physical levels of performance.

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Each title is accompanied by a complete session description. All sessions are designed by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf. Mr. Oliver is well-known for his contributions in mind-entrainment session design, and in collaboration with Mr. Landgraf, created sessions for several mind machine manufacturers including brainwave frequency sessions for the Bluetooth MindLightz (the only mind entrainment system licensed by Apple®).

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The science behind our Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s: mind-interacting audio sessions enable brainwave entrainment to occur, creating what professionals in the medical community refer to as the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Through the use of stereo headphones, your mind is gently guided into specific states of awareness. Each audio beat and pulse is a specific frequency. Our minds “think” in terms of frequency. Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain, be it by hearing, touch, smell, vision and/or taste. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmits that information to the brain via electrical signals. Hearing is known to be a favorable sense for affecting brainwaves safely and effectively.

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By presenting these audio beats and pulses to the brain, within a few short minutes, the brain begins to mimic or follow the same frequencies as the stimuli (the audio beats and pulses). This process is referred to as entrainment. In essence, our MP3s speak to the mind in it’s own language- the language of frequency.

Classic Pranayama

The mind-interacting beats and pulses of these audio sessions provide a focus for the brain. This focus safely quells any internal dialogue or “brain chatter”, and enables the listener to reach more quickly and effectively the optimum state of mind targeted for meeting your personal goal, such as: losing weight, stop smoking, going to sleep or meditating.


With entraining beats and pulses to gently lead you to the brainwave state best targeted for your specific purpose, combined with multi-layered sounds for enhancing your session experience, you will find yourself experiencing a profound sense of inner-peace.


The result? You are in the right frame of mind to accept positive change.


LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator

LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator


LoopLogic Hz is now an instant download MP3 file set broken into Gamma, High Beta, Beta, SMR, Alpha, Theta and Delta audio brainwave frequency categories. Each of the 37 tracks represent one hertz within each category and is created with dual independent binaural beat frequencies. Simply add these frequency tracks to your MP3 Player or playlist and program your playlist to create custom brainwave entrainment sessions.

Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf developed these 515 LoopLogic MP3 tracks for targeting specific frequencies within all brainwave states enabling you to create personally designed sessions for use with eeg/neurofeedback training, incorporating into music, entraining audiences during presentations, physical workouts, meditation or for just making a good thing better. Applying these sessions have endless beneficial possibilities so use your imagination! Imagine combining these one hertz tracks as a sleep aid or for relaxation or adding to your learning, memory or creative skills!

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The 515 LoopLogic Hz has a total of 37 different one hertz incremental tracks allowing you to pick and choose sessions that meet your exact specific needs. No overlap into adjoining frequencies, just straight two minute long single frequencies in 16-bit sound for you to use in intervals of your choice. You have complete entrainment control.

LoopLogic refers to programming your MP3 player. To increase the length of any track/hertz in 2 minute intervals, simply press the repeat button on your MP3 player. Or you can choose a variety of tracks/hertz for creating dual independent binaural beat audio sessions.

The 515 LoopLogic is the perfect companion for EEG Neurofeedback training. It has been observed that when combining specific tracks/hertz of the 515 LoopLogic with EEG/neurofeedback training, the participant’s ability to achieve the targeted brainwave state is enhanced, enabling the therapist to maximize each client’s neurofeedback training session.

Whether you are a therapist, session designer or mind explorer, the dual binaural beats of the 515 LoopLogic will take you, your listeners or your clients to the exact brainwave state you select.

LoopLogic has been created by Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver for and is only available from our website:





Relajacion MP3

Relajacion is a two session downloadable MP3 that is 53 minutes in length. Spoken in Spanish by Miguel Villalobos, this MP3 gently guides listeners into alpha, theta and alpha/theta states using binaural beat audio frequencies and spoken word.












Relajacion: 22 minutos

Tecnica De Relajacion Total: 30 Minutos


Extreme Relaxation MP3

Extreme Relaxation MP3 is a free 8:30 minute excursion into music, sound effects and words about light and sound mind machines. You’ll visit the beta, alpha and theta brainwave frequency states while hearing what brainwave entrainment does for your mind. So plug in your earbuds and enjoy the ride…


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