Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment MP3s for Yoga Meditation


MP3s utilizing audio frequency stimulation for brainwave entrainment in the lower states of consciousness, low alpha, theta and high delta specifically, have proven quite effective while practicing yoga and meditation. As your brain is stimulated by the audio frequencies of the MP3 session, your mind begins to mimic the stimulation, becoming entrained to the frequencies as they gently lead your mind into deep states of mental, emotional and physical awareness.

These audio brainwave frequency MP3 sessions easily download to your smartphone playlist or MP3 player and can be enjoyed either with your eyes open or closed to achieve maximum results during your yoga or meditative routine. And the volume should be just below the level of your hearing, set comfortably as your mind hears the stimulation but you are not consciously aware of the sound. Just remember playing these MP3s loud do not make them more effective.

The 515 virtual mindmachine alpha (20:16 min), theta (10:10 min) and alpha / theta combination (7:10 min) features dual independent binaural beat frequencies and can be lengthened simply by pressing repeat on your playlist screen. All three sessions produce a feeling of profound relaxation and focused inner-awareness. The 515 LoopLogic series are much the same, also utilizing dual independent binaural beat frequencies, only the tracks are in 1 Hertz intervals allowing you to create specific frequency patterns that meet your particular needs.










The Universal Frequency MP3 utilizes exactly what it says: the frequency of the universe (432 Hz) as the pitch. This is a multi-layered binaural beat session (17:44 min) for deep alpha and theta meditation. Created by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf, the Universal Frequency MP3 is based on the scientific research that was unearthed by scholars studying the Great Pyramid of Giza and the five surrounding pyramids in Egypt.


To assist you in the art of yoga breathing, our 12 minute Classic Pranayama Yoga MP3 combines verbal guidance with music, bells and the sounds of nature. The goal is, through breathing, to bring more oxygen to the blood and brain for achieving your highest level of self-purification and self-discipline.








For accessing creative thought while deeply relaxed, our 20 minute Deep Meditation session is one of our most popular MP3s. Combing specific tones with music and the natural sounds emanating from lakes and their shoreline, listeners remark that they achieve a deep, rather hypnogogic state of yogic tranquility.



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