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Which Esprit brainwave entrainment unit do you have?


Which Esprit brainwave entrainment unit do you have?

Several days ago I posted information about the Mastermind Esprit system by Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace). This brainwave entrainment unit contained six sessions by Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer and was extremely popular.

Not long after that post went up I received an email from Deborah A. including pictures that showed her Esprit unit. It was different! Her Esprit did not have Mastermind Esprit shown on her unit, it had Synetic Esprit showing and her unit contained 12 sessions, not six.


At my age forgetfulness is a reality (think CRS) no matter how many memory enhancement sessions I experience. And after 25 years in the light and sound industry there are plenty of things that have happened that I’ve totally forgotten about. That’s why I have kept boxes piled with notebooks full of old news releases, brochures, product information and users guides and manuals. Not to mention old mind machines.












Deborah had asked if I had the 12 session Esprit manual because the post I made showed the Esprit 6 session owners manual. After delving through all the boxes stored from the 1990’s through the early 2000’s I came up empty. There was nothing written about the Synetic Esprit with 12 sessions, just information regarding the Mastermind Esprit with six sessions.

So dear readers, have a look at the pictures of Deborah’s 12 session Synetic Esprit and should you have any information about that unit – especially the session list – could you please email it my way in care of

Both Deborah and I would be most grateful… Thanks!


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Mastermind Esprit Manual by Synetic Systems

Mastermind Esprit Manual by Synetic Systems

The Mastermind Esprit was manufactured by Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace) in the early 1990’s. It was an awesome portable light and sound mind machine with six sessions created by the late Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. This system was one of the most popular mindmachines sold and one of our all-time favorites.










esprit manual 1

esprit manual 2

esprit manual 3

esprit manual 4



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Synetic Systems Synergizer

Synetic Systems Synergizer

Last century Synetic Systems, now known as Mindplace, manufactured the Synergizer light and sound mind machine (also known as brain machine, dream machine and psychowalkman) software for personal computers.


The features of the Synergizer included: session lengths of up to 10 hours; segments having their own unique stereo sound effects; individual ramps varying from 1 – 99 minutes; independent pulse rate control for both left and right eyes and ears; three independently controlled oscillators per ear for allowing the programming of complex binaural beat frequencies and 360 degree control of synchronizing or alternating light and sound brainwave frequency patterns.

synergizer brochure inside

The Synetic Systems Synergizer was an awesome idea and was the forerunner of many of today’s computer software programs for creating entrainment via brainwave frequency stimulation like the Portacle, Neuroprogrammer 3 and Mind Workstation.

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AllColor Visual System

AllColor Visual System

The AllColor Visual System was created by Michael Landgraf of and the late Chris Williams of Rybett Controls. The ACVS was the first color spectrum unit designed for use with light and sound brainwave entrainment devices, also known as mind machines, brain machines and psychowalkman.



The AllColor Visual System featured left and right independent eye control for color choice, four sliders for each eye that controlled red, green and blue color generation plus brightness control. The ACVS could be used either as a stand alone system for color therapy or connected to a light and sound mind machine for choosing any color in our visual color spectrum – literally thousands of different shades, blends and brightness of color choices. And the system was built utilizing analog rather than digital controls as analog allows the user to gently ramp through color changes whereas digital utilization results in jumps in color changes, which was adverse to fluid and continuous brainwave entrainment.


The reason Michael Landgraf and Chris Williams designed the AllColor Visual System was quite simple. At the time (circa 1995) if a light and sound mind machine owner wanted to use a different color stimulation for their mind machine session, they would have to buy a different color light frame. This was unacceptable. Mind machine owners would have to pay anywhere from $30 to $125 for each new color light frame, plus have so many different light frames that storage was a hassle. But mind machine manufacturers did not want to make multi-color light frames because selling individual color light frames was a cash-cow for them. So Michael and Chris made them and charged less than $200 for the entire AllColor Visual System. The result? Within six months light and sound manufacturers started producing multi-colored light frames.

acvs pic

All Mr. Landgraf and Mr. Williams wanted was for our clients to enjoy the sensation of different colors while experiencing their mind machine sessions at a cost-effective price. Once the manufacturers stopped being greedy and started producing a variety of colors within each light frame we felt we satisfied our goal and ceased making the ACVS and went back to what we enjoyed most: promoting the benefits and cost-effectiveness of light and sound mind machine neurotechnology.

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Lucidity Institute DreamLight

Lucidity Institute DreamLight

The Lucidity Institute, founded by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., created the DreamLight in order for us to increase our ability to dream while asleep yet have complete awareness.


Being aware that you are dreaming often occurs in the middle of a dream. We’ve all experienced this at least once, but with the DreamLink you can keep dreaming for up to an hour longer. This knowing that you are sleeping, and dreaming while you are sleeping, is called lucid dreaming.

Dreamlight back

Today there are mind machines, also known as dream machines, brain machines and psychowalkman, that contain delta brainwave frequency sessions for entrainment of your mind to help you fall asleep and remain asleep. This is great for all us who have a hard time going to sleep because of brain chatter, anxiety or too much environmental noise.

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InnerQuest Technology

InnerQuest Technology

InnerQuest Technology was originally known as Psych Research. Founded by the late Rob Robinson, InnerQuest produced the finest light and sound mind machines (also known as brain machines and psychowalkman) available during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

IQ brochure front

All of the InnerQuest mind machines produced pulsed light and sound to effectively entrain the brain with brainwave frequency sessions in the beta, alpha, theta and delta states of consciousness. For an example of just how beneficial InnerQuest technology was please read the letter Darby Hewitt wrote to Rob Robinson back in 1992.

IQ brochure inside

With the help of leading researchers including Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer and Gayland Hearst, Ph.D., InnerQuest set the stage for the acceptance and evolution of light and sound mind machines with many of today’s systems still including brainwave entrainment features first introduced by InnerQuest.

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BioLight by Theta Technologies

BioLight by Theta Technologies


The BioLight by Theta Technologies was the first light and sound brainwave frequency mind machine to combine light and sound entrainment sessions with GSR (Galvanic Skin Resistence) biofeedback (much like today’s Thoughtstream by Mindplace) into one simple device. It was a great idea at an affordable price.


The best part of the BioLight multi-purpose mind machine was the five integrated light and sound sessions. The relaxation, meditation, energize and accelerated learning sessions were all created by Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.. Dr. Sommer was a pioneer in light and sound neurotechnology and considered the leader in promoting the beneficial effects of pulsed light and sound brainwave stimulation. Besides being the best at helping learning disabled and hyperactive individuals achieve peak academic performance at will, Rayma was at her best with pre-Olympians, Olympians and professional athletes. Gary Hall Jr. was her first pre-Olympian to complete her sports performance instruction for the Atlanta Olympic Games and brought home the gold medal. Up untril her passing after the London Olympic Games, Rayma’s students brought home over 50 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the United States. The light and sound sessions used for the athletes peak performance training were based on the sessions associated with the BioLight.

With Dr. Sommer’s brainwave frequency entrainment sessions, eight unique user modes, and full biofeedback sensitivity control, combined with the lightframes, headphones and biofeedback finger probes, Theta Technologies offered a truly beneficial biofeed-in / biofeedback system well worth the $249 retail price.


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Mind Gear Turbosonix CDs

Mind Gear Turbosonix CDs


First there was the Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace, the manufacturer of Proteus, Procyon and Kasina mind machines) Polysync cassettes, then came the Mind Gear Turbosonix CDs and finally Audiostrobe CDs came into existence. The Turbosonix CDs just couldn’t compete with Audiostrobe.



Mind Gear produced a 3 CD set containing ten different Turbosonix sessions. Each session was perfectly synchronized with strobe light encoded sessions so you could enjoy light and sound mind machine brainwave frequency encoded entrainment simply by using your CD (compact disk) player. That was quite a feat for the technology of that time, which was only fifteen to twenty years ago. I know, that’s a lifetime for millennials, but a blink of an eye for us older light and sound brainwave frequency mind machine users.

So today, Mind Gear (also known as Mind Tools) makes the only bluetooth light and sound brainwave generator to be licensed by Apple. It’s called the MindLightz, comes as an iTunes app that is free to download. And all you need purchase are the bluetooth light frames and headphones. And as for synchronization, all you need do is use your Apple device’s playlist. The MindLightz is extraordinary, with plenty of manually controlled functions, pre-sets, and the entrainment effects are excellent.

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Theta Mind’s Eye

Theta Mind’s Eye

For several years Theta offered the Mind’s Eye light and sound mind machine, also known as a dream machine, brain machine or psychowalkman. The Mind’s Eye was an easy-to-use system that offered 50 brainwave frequency sessions, had Polysync capability and could interface with the Mindplace Thoughtstream biofeedback system. The Thoughtstream is still manufactured by Mindplace today, along with the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media mind machines.




The Theta Mind’s Eye offered four different sound selections, including binaural beats, binaural beats synchronized to pulsed lights, adjustable pitch control with soft on / soft off capability at the beginning and end of each brainwave frequency session. The Mind’s Eye was a very effective brainwave entrainment mind machine that was built to last a lifetime.

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Theta Voyager XL Brainwave Entrainment Mind Machine

The Theta Voyager XL

The Voyager XL mind machine by Theta Technologies was used by the medical and educational communities as an effective and beneficial means of producing brainwave entrainment for the purposes of promoting mental, emotional and physical wellness, memory retention and reducing stress and anxiety.



The Theta Voyager XL mind machine generated brainwave frequencies in the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta frequency ranges, affecting all general brainwave states of consciousness.


Theta Technologies’ mind machine, also known as brain machine or psychowalkman, was a high-end system at a mid-range price. The Voyager XL bears a strong resemblance to the Mastermind by Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace), the forerunner of the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media systems that are so popular today.


This mind machine produced several types of brainwave stimulation including binaural beats, possessed adjustable session length of time and included session selection parameters not found in similarly priced mind machine entrainment generators.


Theta Technologies was based in the state of Washington and offered several mind machines and CES (cranial-electris-stimulation) instruments.

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