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Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment MP3s for Yoga Meditation

Audio Brainwave Frequency Entrainment MP3s for Yoga Meditation


MP3s utilizing audio frequency stimulation for brainwave entrainment in the lower states of consciousness, low alpha, theta and high delta specifically, have proven quite effective while practicing yoga and meditation. As your brain is stimulated by the audio frequencies of the MP3 session, your mind begins to mimic the stimulation, becoming entrained to the frequencies as they gently lead your mind into deep states of mental, emotional and physical awareness.

These audio brainwave frequency MP3 sessions easily download to your smartphone playlist or MP3 player and can be enjoyed either with your eyes open or closed to achieve maximum results during your yoga or meditative routine. And the volume should be just below the level of your hearing, set comfortably as your mind hears the stimulation but you are not consciously aware of the sound. Just remember playing these MP3s loud do not make them more effective.

The 515 virtual mindmachine alpha (20:16 min), theta (10:10 min) and alpha / theta combination (7:10 min) features dual independent binaural beat frequencies and can be lengthened simply by pressing repeat on your playlist screen. All three sessions produce a feeling of profound relaxation and focused inner-awareness. The 515 LoopLogic series are much the same, also utilizing dual independent binaural beat frequencies, only the tracks are in 1 Hertz intervals allowing you to create specific frequency patterns that meet your particular needs.










The Universal Frequency MP3 utilizes exactly what it says: the frequency of the universe (432 Hz) as the pitch. This is a multi-layered binaural beat session (17:44 min) for deep alpha and theta meditation. Created by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf, the Universal Frequency MP3 is based on the scientific research that was unearthed by scholars studying the Great Pyramid of Giza and the five surrounding pyramids in Egypt.


To assist you in the art of yoga breathing, our 12 minute Classic Pranayama Yoga MP3 combines verbal guidance with music, bells and the sounds of nature. The goal is, through breathing, to bring more oxygen to the blood and brain for achieving your highest level of self-purification and self-discipline.








For accessing creative thought while deeply relaxed, our 20 minute Deep Meditation session is one of our most popular MP3s. Combing specific tones with music and the natural sounds emanating from lakes and their shoreline, listeners remark that they achieve a deep, rather hypnogogic state of yogic tranquility.



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Solving Brain Chatter


Solving Brain Chatter

Brain chatter inhibits the mind from achieving total relaxation. Those continuous thoughts keep the mind active and alert. Brain chatter is counter-productive, oftentimes focusing on possible future scenarios, whether realistic or not. So how do you silence all those thoughts when you are trying to relax?

Use a DAVID Delight Plus meditation unit by Mind Alive, Inc. The Delight Plus actually guides your brainwaves to a deeply relaxed, meditative state without any conscious effort by the user. It is the perfect remedy for clearing your mind of spontaneous thoughts and enabling you to focus on letting go. As you let go, your mental, emotional and physical being will begin to learn how this approach could become a personal gateway for improved performance and wellbeing.



The DAVID Delight Plus meditation system includes 25 sessions targeting the beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequency states with special emphasis on the alpha/theta meditatively creatitive experience. Each Delight Plus is a complete system and includes: 

White or Multi-color Eyesets and Carry Case,

Quality Stereo Headphones,

Stereo Patch Cord,

DAVID Delight Plus Carry Bag, 

9-Volt Alkaline Battery,

AC Adapter,

Comprehensive Owner’s Manual 

“Mind States: An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology”.

This DAVID Delight Plus package is only available through and ships free to the entire United States and Canada via Fedex 2 Day delivery.

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The Meditation Machine

The Meditation Machine



The Meditation Machine is ideal for Yoga. It is an easily portable meditative tool for helping your mind experience consistently deep meditative sessions … without any conscious effort.


The Meditation Machine emits an incredible display of visual (via glasses) and audio (via earbuds) stimuli designed specifically for guiding brainwaves to slow down and focus inwardly. The Meditation Machine is versatile, and can be used before, during or after your regular Yoga workout. Many of our clients attend Yoga classes, and prior to training use a 15 minute Meditation Machine warm up program. They find it to be an excellent method for focusing on their Yoga instruction and getting more out of their subsequent personal practice. For anyone that has trouble letting go, is conscious of their breathing while meditating, are restless and have difficulty sitting still, lack consistency in having positive meditative sessions, or dwelling on unnecessary thoughts and brain chatter, the Meditation Machine could be a very liberating force for their meditation experiences.


Brainwave entrainment is why the Meditation Machine works so well with Yoga meditation: Our minds “think” in terms of frequency. Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain, be it by hearing, touch, smell, vision and/or taste. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmit that information to the brain via electrical signals. Hearing and vision are considered favorable senses for affecting brainwaves safely. By presenting the Meditation Machine’s audio beats and visual pulses to the brain, within a few minutes the brain begins to mimic or follow the same frequencies as the stimuli (the beats and pulses). This process is referred to as entrainment. In essence, the Meditation Machine speaks to the mind in it’s own language- the language of frequency.


Christopher Oliver, developer of AV3x digital neurotechnology and Michael Landgraf, publisher of the AVS Journal, believe the DAVID Delight Plus by Mind Alive, Inc. makes the perfect meditation tool. In addition to the 25 programs built into the unit, we have customized an expanded meditation library and added eyesets with viewholes (added benefit of having eyes open or closed during a program) as an option. The Meditation Machine includes 5 built-in programs designed specifically for meditation, 5 more that target deep theta leading to delta and sleep, and an additional 15 programs designed for promoting our ability to relax and focus, at will. With our expanded Meditation 5 program library, the Meditation Machine has become the popular choice for combining light, sound and Yoga.


The Meditation Machine comes with: DAVID Delight Plus unit, custom expanded Meditation Library, Tru-Vu Omniscreen eyeset and carrying case, headphones or earbuds, stereo patch cord, carry bag, 9-volt battery,  AC adapter and operator’s manual. Options include: DAVID session creator, extra user package, Tru-Vu Omniscreen Multicolor eyeset and for ‘eyes open’ use the Tru-Vu Omniscreen Viewhole eyeset (white).


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“Mind States” now on Kindle

Mindmachines is proud to announce “Mind States / An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology and Mind Machines” is now in it’s third edition and available on Amazon Kindle. Written by Michael Landgraf with the Foreword by Christopher Oliver, the new edition includes all the latest in mind machine features and performance.



Mind States is easy to read, easy to understand and will share with you all the information you should know about light and sound technology and where to go to learn more. Written for the beginning and intermediate mind machine user, Mind States covers such topics as what a light and sound machine is, how frequencies are associated with brainwaves and how to quickly and without effort, access beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave states using a mind machine.

How do you choose a light and sound machine? What type of system do you need? What types of audio frequency and pulsed light stimulation is available? You will learn the answers to these and many more important questions before you purchase a light and sound system. The more you know about this technology, the better decision you will make when buying a mind machine.

Learn how to use your mind machine. Michael Landgraf shows you how to get the most out of your mind machine and to maximize your light and sound session experiences. The successful 30 Day learning relaxation program will help you begin your light and sound journey. And with a daily journal for describing your personal session thoughts and sensations enabling you to look back at the beginning and realize, as the weeks go by, the subtle changes that have occurred to your mental, emotional and physical states of being.

The Third Edition of Mind States is only available in Kindle.