Mindmachines is proud to announce “Mind States / An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology and Mind Machines” is now in it’s third edition and available on Amazon Kindle. Written by Michael Landgraf with the Foreword by Christopher Oliver, the new edition includes all the latest in mind machine features and performance.



Mind States is easy to read, easy to understand and will share with you all the information you should know about light and sound technology and where to go to learn more. Written for the beginning and intermediate mind machine user, Mind States covers such topics as what a light and sound machine is, how frequencies are associated with brainwaves and how to quickly and without effort, access beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave states using a mind machine.

How do you choose a light and sound machine? What type of system do you need? What types of audio frequency and pulsed light stimulation is available? You will learn the answers to these and many more important questions before you purchase a light and sound system. The more you know about this technology, the better decision you will make when buying a mind machine.

Learn how to use your mind machine. Michael Landgraf shows you how to get the most out of your mind machine and to maximize your light and sound session experiences. The successful 30 Day learning relaxation program will help you begin your light and sound journey. And with a daily journal for describing your personal session thoughts and sensations enabling you to look back at the beginning and realize, as the weeks go by, the subtle changes that have occurred to your mental, emotional and physical states of being.

The Third Edition of Mind States is only available in Kindle.