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WARNING: ROSHIwave or any other light and sound machine should not be used by persons with any seizure disorder.

Roshiwave is light stimulation device. Use of the RoshiWave by a user is entirely at the user’s risk.

If you are photosensitive to seizures or have any type seizure potential you should NOT use this device. 

Regarding seizures by light stimulation:
At levels (most commonly in the 13-20 Hz range), photic and conceivably auditory, stimulation has been found on rare occasions to induce a seizure.  This has been found in various studies to occur in anywhere from 1 in 4000 (Harding, 1994) to a conservatively estimated 1.1 in 100,000 annually (Quirk et al., 1995). By far the greatest proportion of persons who experience this seemed to be between the ages of seven and 19, and they will usually experience it first with the flickering light of watching television or using a computer screen. Thus, in that age group, the changes of a seizure by be one in 4000, while such a risk has been estimated to only be one fifth that great in adults over the age of 19 (Quirk et al., 1995). Russell (1997) has used photic and auditory stimulation in the range of 14 Hz with more than 8000 children who reported that they had never experienced a seizure, and not one of the 8000 has ever reported a negative reaction.

Nonetheless, it is possible to experience a seizure from photic stimulation.  If this should occur, it would reveal a pre-existing brain defect, and would not make you more vulnerable to continuing to experience seizures. 

We believe the RoshiWave does not stay on any one frequency long enough to kindle a seizure, so the chances of one happening while using this instrument are slim.