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MET Joint Pain Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory disease that occurs when the immune system mistakenly starts attacking healthy joints, resulting in symptoms that may include pain, swelling, stiffness, sometimes numbness, sometimes loss of physical function. There is a plethora of pills for dealing with RA, all having possible major side effects.


Micro-Electro-Therapy (MET) has several applications, but one in particular I have found to be beneficial for me personally is the ability to use MET for reducing joint pain instead of reaching for the ibuprofen. I already take enough medication for my RA, and MET is a nice alternative to taking any more.

My session of choice is the Sub-Delta program (Feeling Better category, session #3) on my Delight Pro. I place two adhesive pads each on opposite sides of the joint that is particularly bothersome, each snapping together with the electrode cable that connects to my mind machine. I then press ‘Start’ and sit back for 24 minutes.

MET reduces pain by generating micro currents much lower than a TENS unit, and this Sub-Delta session (0.5-1Hz) gives me several more hours of relief from joint pain and stiffness than over-the-counter pain relievers. MET works with the DAVID Delight Pro, Alert Pro and Oasis Pro systems by Mindalive Inc, using the CES port for the micro current stimulation.











If you are seeking alternative methods for dealing with pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) consider using MET.


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Customer Service is appreciated

I just wanted to write a review about the excellent customer service and experience I have received from Michael at for the David Delight Pro.

First, the David Delight Pro has been an amazing device. My neurofeedback therapist said that neurofeedback wouldn’t work on me because I was taking a benzodiazepine and indeed, I didn’t notice a difference from the neurofeedback. We quit after 3 sessions.

Conversely, I have noticed several differences since I got my David Delight Pro with Tru Vu glasses. I have felt feelings I hadn’t felt for years. I can actually sooth my body. My long-term severe depression is gone. My negative self-talk has radically decreased. I appreciate and enjoy silence more. I see more beauty outside of me. I am more present in the moment. Etc. etc.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES

Michael has given me lots of helpful information, answered several of my calls and taken many of my questions, and further has been very kind and honest. I find him both generous and a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to speak to a businessman and honestly believe he wants what is best for you and I’m on the skeptical side in that department. Further, Michael is not the manufacturer of the David Delight Pro so you can feel comfortable with his speaking openly about other devices as well as The David Delight Pro.

I am very grateful for our conversations and have learned so much.

Thank you, Mike! Thank you Mindmachines! And thank you Mindalive! Their customer service has been excellent as well.

I was not asked nor offered anything to write this review.


A Customer





There are times when I must add to this blog things that have no relation to mind machines, light and sound stimulation or brainwave frequency entrainment. This is one of those times.


I detest telephone calls from telemarketers. Especially robo calls. So many are scammers, others call at the most inappropriate time; all of them are peddling things I have no interest in. Yes I signed up for that government Do Not Call registry. That really helped a lot! As in not at all… I have reported telemarketers; I’ve hung up on them and at times just set the phone down and walked away. But they don’t stop calling.


Then a few days ago I read about a guy that started a company that combats telemarketers and robo calls. A couple months back I had read about what he was about to launch, but a few days ago he was able to launch his incredibly large network to combat what has to be one of my biggest annoyances – unwanted phone calls.


His company is called Nomorobo and if you own a landline the cost is free. If you sign up your mobile phone the charge is $5 a month. Being skeptical, I registered my landline. It’s free and what did I have to lose? And it is fast and simple to get nomorobo set up on your phone.


What happens is when your phone rings once then stops it is a robo call and is picked up at nomorobo’s telephone network. If your phone keeps ringing then it is a legitimate call and you can feel at ease answering it. Calls from your doctor, pharmacy, school, things like that are not stopped by nomorobo giving you peace of mind.


And so far it has worked. When my phone rings once and stops, I smile a little knowing I have one less annoyance to deal with. That makes me feel good, and hopefully annoys the hell out of the salesperson who thinks calling me unsolicited is okay. It is not okay, I’m fed up with it, and now there is someone who is actually doing something about it.


So if telemarketers and robo calls annoy you like they do me, then visit and find out what they can do for you, how you can get started and exactly how they combat the daily constant barrage of unwanted calls that interrupt an otherwise perfectly fine day. And just to be clear, I have no vested interest in nomorobo, financially or otherwise. I just think it is a good company trying to make things better for all of us and wanted to share.


Then go partake in an alpha mind machine session knowing you can relax and not be interrupted by a jerk trying to sell you something you could care less about.


Are You Hypnotizable?

Are You Hypnotizable?

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Benefiting From Light & Sound Technology. Continued…


Benefiting From Light & Sound Technology.  Continued…


The gamma session Chris experienced was custom designed specifically for him. It consisted of gentle ramping between 35Hz and 40Hz with a time length of 30 minutes. The instrument we used was manufactured by Mind Alive. By using stereo splitters from the mind machine audio / lightframe ports, we were able to connect the eye frames, headphones and transducers (bass speakers) of the IMS bed directly into this one unit, allowing total control over the light, sound and tactile stimulation. This high frequency, multiple stimulation method was based on a little known technique created by David McLaughlin and referred to as the “Principle of Thwack“.

And that is exactly what it does. After the first session ended Chris stood without the aid of his cane. In fact, he stopped using it entirely. After the third session, Chris went jogging. After the fourth, he took his girlfriend dancing. And after completing all six sessions, Chris was back to his old self again.

It is my opinion that both Darby and Chris succeeded because they were able to access the areas of their minds that gave them the power to do so. The light and sound units were only vehicles used to get to that “place”. Now if they can overcome the obstacles they faced by using light and sound stimulation, imagine what your instrument can do for you. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mind States by Michael Landgraf

While I am on the subject of combining light, sound and tactile stimulation with motion, I would like to mention another interesting tidbit of information. On four occasions clients who experience motion sickness utilized light and sound instruments in conjunction with the IMS bed. When the motion of the IMS was moving clockwise during the session, these individuals experienced nausea and a small degree of discomfort, but when the motion was in a counter-clockwise direction absolutely no nausea or discomfort was experienced. In fact, two of the individuals did not even realize the IMS was moving. Why? I haven’t a clue. Could the opposite be true if tried in the southern hemisphere? Hopefully this is one of those little things that could lead to better things if enough people try this and share their experience. You just never know.

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