There are times when I must add to this blog things that have no relation to mind machines, light and sound stimulation or brainwave frequency entrainment. This is one of those times.


I detest telephone calls from telemarketers. Especially robo calls. So many are scammers, others call at the most inappropriate time; all of them are peddling things I have no interest in. Yes I signed up for that government Do Not Call registry. That really helped a lot! As in not at all… I have reported telemarketers; I’ve hung up on them and at times just set the phone down and walked away. But they don’t stop calling.


Then a few days ago I read about a guy that started a company that combats telemarketers and robo calls. A couple months back I had read about what he was about to launch, but a few days ago he was able to launch his incredibly large network to combat what has to be one of my biggest annoyances – unwanted phone calls.


His company is called Nomorobo and if you own a landline the cost is free. If you sign up your mobile phone the charge is $5 a month. Being skeptical, I registered my landline. It’s free and what did I have to lose? And it is fast and simple to get nomorobo set up on your phone.


What happens is when your phone rings once then stops it is a robo call and is picked up at nomorobo’s telephone network. If your phone keeps ringing then it is a legitimate call and you can feel at ease answering it. Calls from your doctor, pharmacy, school, things like that are not stopped by nomorobo giving you peace of mind.


And so far it has worked. When my phone rings once and stops, I smile a little knowing I have one less annoyance to deal with. That makes me feel good, and hopefully annoys the hell out of the salesperson who thinks calling me unsolicited is okay. It is not okay, I’m fed up with it, and now there is someone who is actually doing something about it.


So if telemarketers and robo calls annoy you like they do me, then visit and find out what they can do for you, how you can get started and exactly how they combat the daily constant barrage of unwanted calls that interrupt an otherwise perfectly fine day. And just to be clear, I have no vested interest in nomorobo, financially or otherwise. I just think it is a good company trying to make things better for all of us and wanted to share.


Then go partake in an alpha mind machine session knowing you can relax and not be interrupted by a jerk trying to sell you something you could care less about.