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Customer Service is appreciated

I just wanted to write a review about the excellent customer service and experience I have received from Michael at for the David Delight Pro.

First, the David Delight Pro has been an amazing device. My neurofeedback therapist said that neurofeedback wouldn’t work on me because I was taking a benzodiazepine and indeed, I didn’t notice a difference from the neurofeedback. We quit after 3 sessions.

Conversely, I have noticed several differences since I got my David Delight Pro with Tru Vu glasses. I have felt feelings I hadn’t felt for years. I can actually sooth my body. My long-term severe depression is gone. My negative self-talk has radically decreased. I appreciate and enjoy silence more. I see more beauty outside of me. I am more present in the moment. Etc. etc.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES

Michael has given me lots of helpful information, answered several of my calls and taken many of my questions, and further has been very kind and honest. I find him both generous and a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to speak to a businessman and honestly believe he wants what is best for you and I’m on the skeptical side in that department. Further, Michael is not the manufacturer of the David Delight Pro so you can feel comfortable with his speaking openly about other devices as well as The David Delight Pro.

I am very grateful for our conversations and have learned so much.

Thank you, Mike! Thank you Mindmachines! And thank you Mindalive! Their customer service has been excellent as well.

I was not asked nor offered anything to write this review.


A Customer


Mindmachines or Pain Pills?


I just got the invoice for the adapter. You are awesome. I said before that you’d be hearing from me more in the future. If I didn’t use an exclamation point, go ahead and add 3 of them after that statement now. I look forward to purchasing my next mindmachine through you. I am sort of new to this technology. Back around 1985, I explored hemispheric synchronization using binaural beats on a “Brain Supercharger” cassette tape from the Monroe Institute. I used it everyday until it hissed so badly that it was really just 20 minutes of white noise. Then in 1988, I lost interest in self-improvement when I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of about 16 months. Needless to say, [omitted as unnecessary]. HEHE

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES

After a couple decades of death expectancy (and a few doctors “firing” me for refusing to follow instructions), I am more optimistic regarding my survival. I got back in touch with Monroe and purchased a CD with binaurals. When I tried it a man’s voice kept coming on telling me how to relax or some crap and interfering with the experience. I decided to look elsewhere for binaurals and discovered mindmachines, which also eliminated my need to listen in a closet with a strobe light! I just purchased the Proteus in October and love it. When my serial to USB adapter gets here, (not my fault this time) I will succeed at building my own sessions. (or should I say, try to) haha I had no idea so many tools are available now, and I really appreciate your “straight talk” about them. My newest doctor prescribed HGH (growth hormone) when I lost 33 lbs in a month (24% of body weight) and sent me to a nutritionist. Insurance required a $4400. (decimal is correct) co-pay for HGH, so that wasn’t happening. I was at 1.1% body fat and on my deathbed. (8th time, I think) Insurance did approve payment for an ‘assisted living center’ hospice deal, which I refused to go to. Further, I resolved to discontinue all medications (against doctor’s orders again) in August after she agreed not to fire me for non-compliance. She said she would be willing to just ‘keep me as comfortable as possible’ while I died. She also sent me to a psychotherapist for PTSD treatment and ‘end of life’ counseling. Oops! Didn’t mean to write a book… Fast forward … My nutritionist is shocked at my progress (+20 lbs and 6% body fat) and wants to learn about entrainment. I let her try a short session and she liked it. I will tell her about your site. My psychotherapy consists of my updating him on my progress with the mindmachine. I know that a portion of my many symptoms were iatrogenic, but all are resolved now except for some pain from nerve damage. Quitting the pain medication was premature so I went back on Percocet, but I am needing less and less. I’m up and about in such a way that you can’t tell there is anything wrong with me, and neither can I. I even work out with weights and bicycle for miles. I don’t know how much is from quitting medications and how much my brain health contributes but I won’t be finding out because I’m not going to stop working on it again. Thanks again. Again. One more time. Talk to you later. B.W.

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Plan B

So I devised a Plan B (continued).


My goal was twofold: to reduce the pain that was centered around the repairwork and to loosen the muscle stiffness/tightness in the surrounding area. I found those muscles would tighten up whenever I stayed in one position for a while and went to move or stand up.


Plan B in action...

Plan B in action…

This is where I’d like to interject that I really like being with my HMO. Yes it took almost three months to have my hernia repaired, but it’s done and the outpatient procedure deductible was very reasonable.


Now back to the pain and muscle tightness. The money I saved by ‘jumping through my HMO’s medical hoops’ enabled me to afford a DAVID Delight Pro with Multi-color eyeset by Mind Alive, Inc. A couple of friends who went through similar procedures used a Delight Pro and found the light, sound and cranio-electro stimulation sessions in their DAVID mind machine helped deal with the ‘stabbing’ pain and also helped with the muscle tightness by guiding their brainwaves to a more relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES


They were right. I didn’t realize how tense my body was, even while laying prone. Once I was able to relax, my attitude changed. I do believe I might have been whining a bit. So I went to and they sent my Delight Pro by Fedex 2 Day for free. There are seven sessions on my Delight Pro that have helped me: the Alpha Relaxer, Schumann Resonance and Theta sessions under the ‘Meditate’ category; the Schumann for Sleep, Alpha and Theta for Sleep, and Delta sessions under the ‘Sleep’ category and session two Mood Booster 2 in the ‘Feeling Better’ category. That last session really helped with the pain.


Being skeptical by nature, yet becoming more and more leery of the adverse effects prescribed medications have been known to produce, I am glad I took my friends advice and purchased a DAVID light and sound machine. The left/right independently controlled colors for light stimulation, being able to use the Delight Pro’s really nice and soft fitting headphones (or for sleeping I went to Best Buy and bought a cheap pair of laptop speakers and plugged those into the Delight Pro’s audio port for entire bedroom delta entrainment), and having my choice of using any combination of light, sound and/or CES stimulation along with all the various color choices is going to last me for years.


Stuff happens, most of you have experienced outpatient procedures or have helped care for someone who has. I recommend adding the DAVID Delight Pro to your post-op treatment routine. It has helped me feel better faster, my friends have felt better faster and my three fairly-recent transplanted Kahili Ginger plants are happy and healthy with plenty more room to grow…














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Dealing with a Hernia

Dealing with a Hernia

A few years back I brought home a Kahili Ginger root from Hilo, Hawaii. Told it would never grow in the ‘burbs of San Fernando Valley, I thought what a great challenge. I’d give it my best shot. It was planted in a very large pot filled with soil similar to where they grow in Hawaii. The back porch proved ideal for lighting. My only concern was the humidity difference.

Backyard Kahili Blossom

Backyard Kahili Blossom


Fast foreword five years and several incredible blossoms later, That very large pot began to split along one side. The ginger had reproduced, more shoots sprang up and it was now time to separate my original to make three different Kahili gingers. I’ve pulled countless plants from large pots for years. With gentle coaxing and a few expletives most transplanted experience’d very little shock and thrive in their new environments.


Having completed my newest gardening experiment, a dip in the pool seemed refreshing. That’s when I noticed what looked like a hard-boiled egg protruding from my lower right side. I didn’t feel any discomfort, didn’t even knew it happened yet there it was. WTF?




photo[4]That was in late May. It never really hurt but was annoying as heck. It had to go. My doctors were great – answered all my questions and told me what to expect. Still, it took two and a half months for all the pre-op requirements to be fulfilled. It’s an outpatient procedure where for the next few days is much more uncomfortable and painful. I was warned this is what happens, and to be rather useless for four to six weeks, but having my hernia repaired is so worth it.


There was a problem though. Those first few post-op days. I don’t like having to sleep on my back throughout the night, having to hold my side every time I coughed or sneezed or laughed didn’t always happen fast enough, and I was really let down by the pain medication I was prescribed. I am not a fan of opiates as they can be addictive, so I found myself taking a glorified aspirin with codeine. My 60+ year old body detests codeine. Simply put, and please pardon my vernacular, but it plugs me for days. Like a miracle, my second prescription was stool softener pills. Of course! Prescribe an ineffective pain medication that plugs and a pill that unplugs. I couldn’t help but think it was some kind of a pharm-plot to sell more meds.

Medications can have side effects.

Medications can have side effects.


So I devised a Plan B.

(continued tomorrow) representative’s comments called controversial by educator editor has received a response from an educator in response to press release advocating the use of light and sound machines in US schools.

The editor at MindMachines has received several emails regarding this story and the quotes given by our representatives, Fred Williams and Michael Landgraf.  As per our privacy policy we do not publish email addresses of respondents.

Posted are a sampling of the responses received:

RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

We really need to wake up.  Wake up America!  We used to be the envy of the world.  I do all I can with my students, but budgets are limited.  We need more good teachers!  I imagine a future where technology can help us bridge the gap, feel free to send me a light and sound machine to offer to my students!

Jennifer Gartner

RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

It is about time someone decided to do something about our crumbling education system.  It is a disgrace!  We should be on top of every list.

Mickie McIntyre
Concerned Mother

RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

Maybe the manfacturers of these devices would offer schools a large discount?  That would be nice.

Dave Waters
Middle School Teacher, Mathematics


RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

Um, since when did South Korea get higher test scores than us?  Pretty controversial to say that.

High School Physical Education Instructor

RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

This sounds like paranoia.  We are Americans and our education system is the best in the world.  I don’t believe that any other country is ahead of us academically.

William Buckley
Denver, CO

RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

I have never heard of light and sound machines before this.  I would like to know why they are practically unknown to the general public in the US and why other countries are using them.  It makes me worry that if other countries are using them to enhance their minds they will surpass us and we will decline.  Knowing so little about this subject is somewhat scarry.

Sherry Williams, Educator and Mom


RE:  “ Challenges Education Establishment to Adopt Light and Sound Machines to Boost Learning In US Private and Public Schools”

Your remarks are provocative and controversial.  While I do understand your intention to improve our schooling system I feel that pointing out our deficiencies is not the way to win us over.


John MacDonald
Teacher 5th Grade, Kansas