I just got the invoice for the adapter. You are awesome. I said before that you’d be hearing from me more in the future. If I didn’t use an exclamation point, go ahead and add 3 of them after that statement now. I look forward to purchasing my next mindmachine through you. I am sort of new to this technology. Back around 1985, I explored hemispheric synchronization using binaural beats on a “Brain Supercharger” cassette tape from the Monroe Institute. I used it everyday until it hissed so badly that it was really just 20 minutes of white noise. Then in 1988, I lost interest in self-improvement when I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of about 16 months. Needless to say, [omitted as unnecessary]. HEHE

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES

After a couple decades of death expectancy (and a few doctors “firing” me for refusing to follow instructions), I am more optimistic regarding my survival. I got back in touch with Monroe and purchased a CD with binaurals. When I tried it a man’s voice kept coming on telling me how to relax or some crap and interfering with the experience. I decided to look elsewhere for binaurals and discovered mindmachines, which also eliminated my need to listen in a closet with a strobe light! I just purchased the Proteus in October and love it. When my serial to USB adapter gets here, (not my fault this time) I will succeed at building my own sessions. (or should I say, try to) haha I had no idea so many tools are available now, and I really appreciate your “straight talk” about them. My newest doctor prescribed HGH (growth hormone) when I lost 33 lbs in a month (24% of body weight) and sent me to a nutritionist. Insurance required a $4400. (decimal is correct) co-pay for HGH, so that wasn’t happening. I was at 1.1% body fat and on my deathbed. (8th time, I think) Insurance did approve payment for an ‘assisted living center’ hospice deal, which I refused to go to. Further, I resolved to discontinue all medications (against doctor’s orders again) in August after she agreed not to fire me for non-compliance. She said she would be willing to just ‘keep me as comfortable as possible’ while I died. She also sent me to a psychotherapist for PTSD treatment and ‘end of life’ counseling. Oops! Didn’t mean to write a book… Fast forward … My nutritionist is shocked at my progress (+20 lbs and 6% body fat) and wants to learn about entrainment. I let her try a short session and she liked it. I will tell her about your site. My psychotherapy consists of my updating him on my progress with the mindmachine. I know that a portion of my many symptoms were iatrogenic, but all are resolved now except for some pain from nerve damage. Quitting the pain medication was premature so I went back on Percocet, but I am needing less and less. I’m up and about in such a way that you can’t tell there is anything wrong with me, and neither can I. I even work out with weights and bicycle for miles. I don’t know how much is from quitting medications and how much my brain health contributes but I won’t be finding out because I’m not going to stop working on it again. Thanks again. Again. One more time. Talk to you later. B.W.

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