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A simple description of what happens when you do a light and sound session

A simple description of what happens when you do a light and sound session


You have a lot on your mind and you’d like a few minutes to mentally sort things out. It’s the ideal time to do a light and sound session. So you reach for your mind machine and settle into your favorite chair.

Wanting to relax and reorganize your thoughts, you choose an alpha brainwave session. It’s not too subconsciously deep, just low enough to help you become inwardly focused and tune out the brain chatter.

So you set the audio volume at a comfortable level, perhaps just below the threshold of your hearing. Your mind will hear the entrainment effects of the binaural beats even though you do not have to be consciously aware of them. Next you set the brightness or light intensity level at a comfortable level. Like audio, the lightframes don’t have to be way bright to make your alpha session more effective. Comfort rules over too loud or too brightly intense.

photo 2[11]

Then you press the “play” button. The design of effective light and sound sessions begin with a small induction period, usually in the beta frequency range as that is the normal waking state. As the seconds then minutes pass by the frequencies generated by the alpha session gradually lower towards your targeted brainwave frequency. This gradual lowering into alpha acts as a guide for your mind to follow.

Kasina pic 3

How? Your mind interprets the pulsed audio and visual stimulation within the brain’s cortex, likes what it hears, and begins to mimic or follow the frequencies being generated. It’s called the Frequency Following Effect and is the root of all brainwave entrainment. So for the next few minutes you realize you are mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed and calm, focused on only yourself, much like the experience of meditation. Without having to be consciously aware of what you are trying to do – which is relax.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

Towards the session’s end, the frequencies are designed to gradually guide you back into your normal waking state. So at the end of the mind machine session you feel relaxed, focused and ready to continue your daily projects, your breathing is rhythmic and you are better able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.



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Turning Procrastination into Action

Turning Procrastination into Action


It takes longer to say the word “procrastination” than it oftentimes takes to begin what needs doing. House cleaning, work-related projects, doing taxes, the list of things people put off is endless. Trouble is we still have to do them.



If you don’t want to do something, for whatever the reason, change your attitude about doing it. Make it fun, make it a challenge, make doing it into something positive because the sooner you complete the task the better you will feel. So how do you change your attitude?

Change your brainwaves. You know, the state of mind you enter when you tell yourself you don’t want to do something – change that! The best way, the fastest and most simplest way for that to happen is by using the DAVID Delight Pro light and sound mind machine by Mind Alive, Inc.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

Here’s how: First, select Session 5 in the Meditation category. It is a 36 minute brainwave frequency entrainment session that gradually lowers your conscious awareness into the Theta mind state for creative visualization. During the session picture the task that is making you procrastinate and ponder ways of making it fun, doable and how easily it can be completed. At session’s end, go back to your Delight Pro and choose Session 3 in the Energize category. That is a 20 minute session proven effective through scientific research for getting energized and motivated. So within an hour you will have the right mindset to successfully complete the project that you have spent far more time procrastinating about.


Try this approach and you will find it to be a valuable tool for those times when you say to yourself you would rather procrastinate than do what needs to get done. You’ll do a lot more in less time than before. And you’ll feel damn good about yourself too!


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GPS for the Mind

GPS for the Mind

Anyone who has felt mentally scattered, disorganized, downright lost when all they want to do is focus on one thing, just for a few minutes straight, could use a neural roadmap on finding the way. Kind of like having a GPS device for the mind.

Better visualize new ideas

There is one. It’s an iTunes app. Everyone that owns an Apple iPhone can download it for free. This app can be found by searching the iTunes store for MindLightz. The MindLightz is a light and sound application that connects via Bluetooth technology to wireless light stimulation frames and headphones. And if you don’t want the headphones, don’t buy them, just purchase the Bluetooth Lightframes.

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

What this MindLightz app does is speak to your mind in it’s own language – the language of frequency. And the app contains dozens of sessions targeting all four general brainwave frequency states of consciousness. There are sessions for relaxing, meditating, energizing, learning, committing new information to memory (great for studying!), going to sleep effortlessly, even sessions for ADD, ADHD and PTSD. It is the finest light and sound app available. In fact, the MindLightz is the only light and sound application / Bluetooth system to be licensed by Apple. So if you find yourself in need of a little mental direction, try a mind machine, in particular the Bluetooth MindLightz light and sound mind machine for simple to use brainwave entrainment.


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Waking up early rather than sleeping in

Waking up early rather than sleeping in

The other day I received an email question that went something like this: “I have a very difficult time waking up early in the day. I have tried getting into a routine but I find it is just not as effective. Previously my habits were as such that I loved sleeping in. However, now I would like to wake up very early and become more productive. However, it seems like my body just is not ready to get up when I want to. How would I use my mind machine to help me with this challenge?”

Stress keeping you from a good night's sleep?

When you start getting up earlier, make time to do an energize/beta session on your Delight Pro. Use the same type of brainwave entrainment session if you have a DAVID Delight Plus by Mindalive or Procyon or Kasina by Mindplace. The light and sound brainwave frequency session doesn’t have to be long, say around 15-20 minutes and you may like binaural beat frequencies the best. This mind machine session is excellent for clearing away sleepiness and the cobwebs making for a great way to start your early mornings. And should you get sleepy in the afternoon, try a quick break light and sound mind machine (also known as brain machine or psychowalkman) session consisting of beta or perhaps high alpha brainwave frequencies.


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30 years of sobriety

Today, July 10th, I celebrate 30 years of sobriety. It is an accomplishment I never thought possible. I feel the two main reasons for my success are believing in the Serenity Prayer and using my mind machine. The first helped me focus on staying in the moment and the second enabled me to calm down and relax. For those of you who, like me, have an addictive personality please visit then get your butt to an AA meeting. Life does get better!

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Easy Meditation

Easy Meditation

photo 2[11]Meditation is easy with the Bluetooth mindLightz by Mindgear. With 83 ready to access light and sound programs, over 2 dozen specifically designed for meditation, the mindLightz Bluetooth mind machine enables you to meditate anywhere: at your office desk or breakroom, in the park or your yard, even while laying in mountain meadows or sandy beaches.

The mindLightz offered by comes complete with wireless lightframes and headphones. The lightframes generate over 500 different colors and shades, while the headphones transmit a variety of audio frequencies via binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic and more. And with the Manual Mode function you can change the audio/visual preset modes very easily, even creating your own sessions to match the goals of your meditative needs. An example would be using predominantly blue/violet colors with frequencies in the 0.5 to 3hz range.

The mindLightz by Mindgear is specially made for Apple iDevices and the free App is available at the Apple App Store. With the Bluetooth Color Matrix lightframes and excellent (no crackling!) Bluetooth Headphones adding brainwave entrainment to your meditation sessions can improve the quality of your meditation sessions while simultaneously aiding you in reaching your meditation goals more quickly.


Copyright: Michael Landgraf for (CA) 2015. All rights reserved. Session List for mindLightz by Mindgear Session List for mindLightz by Mindgear


Program     Time     Description                 Target Frequency         Notes


P01                 10         Quick Alpha relaxer                 11                             Relaxation

P02                15          Slow ramp Alpha                       8                             Relaxation

P03                 10          Magic 11                                     11                             Relaxation

P04                 20         Schumann’s Alpha                 11, 7.83                     Relaxation

P05                 30         Schumann Resonance           7.83                           Relaxation

P06                 30         High stress Alpha                   7.83, 5                       For high stress

P07                 30         Low stress Alpha                      10, 7                         For low stress

P08                 10         Quick fix                                        7                            All in high Alpha

P09                 15         Alpha break                                  7                             Lower Alpha

P10                 30        Meditation medicine             7, 5, 3                          Theta meditation

P11                15          Quick Theta                              7.83, 5                         Meditate, focus

P12                15         Accelerated learning                6, 10                           Absorbing info

P13                 20        9 o’clock high                               9                             Relaxed energy

P14                 20         Multi-Theta                             7.83, 4                       Theta frequencies

P15                 30         Deep Theta                                 5, 3                           Low Theta range

P16                 30         Relaxation, learning                5, 3                           Meditate, learn

P17                 30         Intimate Theta/Delta            5, 3, 2                        Close to sleep

P18                 30         Insomniacs dream                     1                             Help to fall asleep

P19                 50         Mind expander                   7.83, 6, 3, 1                  Theta freq., sleep

P20                25         Mental gymnastics                 many                         Mind enjoyment

P21                 10         Sharpening the mind             many                         Mental exercise

P22                22         Awaken the mind                    many                         Energy, visuals

P23                60         Relaxed creativity                       5                             Deep relaxation

P24                 20         Basic brain tune-up           11, 7.83, 5                     Brain workout

P25                   5         Demo                                             5                             Deep relaxation

P26                 23         Balancer                                     1-40                          Creativity

P27                40         Delta force                                   4, 1                           Lucid dreaming

P28                20         Morning glory                           10, 18                        Waking up

P29                 30         Magic 14                                       14                           ADD protocol

P30                 30         Mind massage                           7-15                         Mental tune-up

P31                 30         Alpha Theta train                      5-12                         Creative, learn

P32                 68         Power nap                                  3-6                           Sleep, learn

P33                 35         Carnival ride                                2                             Creative energy

P34                30         Creative monster                        16                            Energized

P35                 30         Alpha ramp                                 20                            Relaxation

P36                 30         Alpha wave                                  20                            Relaxation

P37                 15         Coffee break                                 18                             Relaxation

P38                 20         Problem solver                         7.83                           Creativity

P39                 30         Multi-Theta                                 30                           Learning

P40                 30        Theta wave                                   20                           Meditation

P41                15           Tune-up                                       7.83                         Mental tune-up

P42                 30         Deep relaxation                           12                           Relaxation

P43                 30         Energized learning                       12                         Learning

P44                 30         Meditation machine                     24                         Meditation

P45                 30         Dreamy delight                             26                          Sleep

P46                 30         High energy 1                                 10                         Creativity

P47                 36         High energy 2                                 16                         Creativity

P48                 15         Quick break                                     12                         Rejuvenation

P49                 30        Relaxed creativity                          12                         Problem solving

P50                  20       Quick learning                               7.83                       Learning

P51                 15         Alpha relax                                         9                         Mid-day trainer

P52                22         Theta relax                                         5                          Learn, focus

P53                 36        Deep relax                                           3                         Theta relax

P54                 40         Earth meditation                           7.83                       Schulmann Res.

P55                 26         Siesta                                                0.5                         Afternoon nap

P56               75           Escape                                               0.5                        For long trips

P57                 45         Sound sleep                                     0.5                         Go to sleep

P58                18         14Hz trainer                                     14                          SMR training

P59                45        Mental repro                                      5                           Deep Theta

P60               40        Hypnosis                                         6-7.83                     Hypno protocol

P61                20        Mood brightner                            30, 40                      SAD

P62                30        Mind exercise                                 9, 5                         Alpha-Theta

P63                 15        Learning mood                                 6                           Learn new info

P64                35         Crosstalk                                            7                         Performance

P65                28         Problem solver                               4, 9                       Creative

P66                36        Memory recall                                5, 10                      Alpha-Theta

P67                  65       Hyper creativity                            40, 7                      Boost creativity

P68                  36       Creativity                                           7                         Project solver

P69                   30      High creative                                   4, 6                       Problem solve

P70                   30      High energy                                       18                        Beta booster

P71                   25       Gethingsdun                                   24, 30                    Power boost

P72                   25      Pure motivation                               30                        Mental energy

P73                   30      Sportswave                                     22, 30                     Sports prep

P74                   17      Pump-U-Up                                     24, 30                     Pre-workout

P75                  13       Mind Ride                                         many                     Fun ride

P76                  22        ADD #1

P77                  36        ADD #2

P78                  22        ADD #3

P79                 36         ADD #4

P80                  36        ADD #5

P81                  36        ADD #6

P82                  32        ADD #7

P83                  30       ADD #8

Note: MindGear mindLightz sessions 51 through 75 created by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf from 


Drawing a blank?

Drawing a blank?

Drawing a blank?


Within 5 minutes that empty cloud hovering above you could change into the idea you have long been seeking. All it takes is a DAVID Delight Plus Meditation session by Mind Alive, Inc. Relax your mind and good things can happen. Check out the DAVID Delight Plus light and sound mind machine. Find out how successful thoughts happen…


DAVID Delight Plus

To learn how we use the DAVID Delight Plus to come up with new ideas and how our techniques could benefit you, contact Michael and Christopher at – Your Light & Sound Mind Machine Superstore.

Michael Landgraf and are proud members of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.



The Best Entertainment Session

The Best Entertainment Session


Sometimes I enjoy a light and sound session strictly for entertainment. Usually during a work break, helps my attitude, makes for a nice afternoon.


The 7 minute work time-out

The 7 minute work time-out

The best entertainment session is only 7 minutes long. Just enough time for a session combined with 2 songs from my iphone. The session is called “Roller Coaster” and it is very engaging, very action-packed. “Roller Coaster” is contained in two different light and sound mind machines: the DAVID Delight Plus and the DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive. Listed under the Energize category, it’s session number five and has no target frequencies.



DAVID Delight Plus

A nice-to-have ‘adjunctive feature’ with these DAVID mind machines by Mind Alive, Inc. is you can activate the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) function and be aware of your heart rate during every built-in session.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES


This is an entertaining way for people to just tune-out the outside and enjoy. Obviously. But with all the others reasons for using light and sound mind machines: relaxation, meditation, brainwave focus training, this just sheds a little light on how entertaining these DAVID mindmachines can be.

For more information contact Christopher or Michael at



Solving Brain Chatter


Solving Brain Chatter

Brain chatter inhibits the mind from achieving total relaxation. Those continuous thoughts keep the mind active and alert. Brain chatter is counter-productive, oftentimes focusing on possible future scenarios, whether realistic or not. So how do you silence all those thoughts when you are trying to relax?

Use a DAVID Delight Plus meditation unit by Mind Alive, Inc. The Delight Plus actually guides your brainwaves to a deeply relaxed, meditative state without any conscious effort by the user. It is the perfect remedy for clearing your mind of spontaneous thoughts and enabling you to focus on letting go. As you let go, your mental, emotional and physical being will begin to learn how this approach could become a personal gateway for improved performance and wellbeing.



The DAVID Delight Plus meditation system includes 25 sessions targeting the beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequency states with special emphasis on the alpha/theta meditatively creatitive experience. Each Delight Plus is a complete system and includes: 

White or Multi-color Eyesets and Carry Case,

Quality Stereo Headphones,

Stereo Patch Cord,

DAVID Delight Plus Carry Bag, 

9-Volt Alkaline Battery,

AC Adapter,

Comprehensive Owner’s Manual 

“Mind States: An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology”.

This DAVID Delight Plus package is only available through and ships free to the entire United States and Canada via Fedex 2 Day delivery.

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