So I devised a Plan B (continued).


My goal was twofold: to reduce the pain that was centered around the repairwork and to loosen the muscle stiffness/tightness in the surrounding area. I found those muscles would tighten up whenever I stayed in one position for a while and went to move or stand up.


Plan B in action...

Plan B in action…

This is where I’d like to interject that I really like being with my HMO. Yes it took almost three months to have my hernia repaired, but it’s done and the outpatient procedure deductible was very reasonable.


Now back to the pain and muscle tightness. The money I saved by ‘jumping through my HMO’s medical hoops’ enabled me to afford a DAVID Delight Pro with Multi-color eyeset by Mind Alive, Inc. A couple of friends who went through similar procedures used a Delight Pro and found the light, sound and cranio-electro stimulation sessions in their DAVID mind machine helped deal with the ‘stabbing’ pain and also helped with the muscle tightness by guiding their brainwaves to a more relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES


They were right. I didn’t realize how tense my body was, even while laying prone. Once I was able to relax, my attitude changed. I do believe I might have been whining a bit. So I went to and they sent my Delight Pro by Fedex 2 Day for free. There are seven sessions on my Delight Pro that have helped me: the Alpha Relaxer, Schumann Resonance and Theta sessions under the ‘Meditate’ category; the Schumann for Sleep, Alpha and Theta for Sleep, and Delta sessions under the ‘Sleep’ category and session two Mood Booster 2 in the ‘Feeling Better’ category. That last session really helped with the pain.


Being skeptical by nature, yet becoming more and more leery of the adverse effects prescribed medications have been known to produce, I am glad I took my friends advice and purchased a DAVID light and sound machine. The left/right independently controlled colors for light stimulation, being able to use the Delight Pro’s really nice and soft fitting headphones (or for sleeping I went to Best Buy and bought a cheap pair of laptop speakers and plugged those into the Delight Pro’s audio port for entire bedroom delta entrainment), and having my choice of using any combination of light, sound and/or CES stimulation along with all the various color choices is going to last me for years.


Stuff happens, most of you have experienced outpatient procedures or have helped care for someone who has. I recommend adding the DAVID Delight Pro to your post-op treatment routine. It has helped me feel better faster, my friends have felt better faster and my three fairly-recent transplanted Kahili Ginger plants are happy and healthy with plenty more room to grow…














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