Benefiting From Light & Sound Technology.  Continued…


The gamma session Chris experienced was custom designed specifically for him. It consisted of gentle ramping between 35Hz and 40Hz with a time length of 30 minutes. The instrument we used was manufactured by Mind Alive. By using stereo splitters from the mind machine audio / lightframe ports, we were able to connect the eye frames, headphones and transducers (bass speakers) of the IMS bed directly into this one unit, allowing total control over the light, sound and tactile stimulation. This high frequency, multiple stimulation method was based on a little known technique created by David McLaughlin and referred to as the “Principle of Thwack“.

And that is exactly what it does. After the first session ended Chris stood without the aid of his cane. In fact, he stopped using it entirely. After the third session, Chris went jogging. After the fourth, he took his girlfriend dancing. And after completing all six sessions, Chris was back to his old self again.

It is my opinion that both Darby and Chris succeeded because they were able to access the areas of their minds that gave them the power to do so. The light and sound units were only vehicles used to get to that “place”. Now if they can overcome the obstacles they faced by using light and sound stimulation, imagine what your instrument can do for you. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mind States by Michael Landgraf

While I am on the subject of combining light, sound and tactile stimulation with motion, I would like to mention another interesting tidbit of information. On four occasions clients who experience motion sickness utilized light and sound instruments in conjunction with the IMS bed. When the motion of the IMS was moving clockwise during the session, these individuals experienced nausea and a small degree of discomfort, but when the motion was in a counter-clockwise direction absolutely no nausea or discomfort was experienced. In fact, two of the individuals did not even realize the IMS was moving. Why? I haven’t a clue. Could the opposite be true if tried in the southern hemisphere? Hopefully this is one of those little things that could lead to better things if enough people try this and share their experience. You just never know.

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