Solving Brain Chatter

Brain chatter inhibits the mind from achieving total relaxation. Those continuous thoughts keep the mind active and alert. Brain chatter is counter-productive, oftentimes focusing on possible future scenarios, whether realistic or not. So how do you silence all those thoughts when you are trying to relax?

Use a DAVID Delight Plus meditation unit by Mind Alive, Inc. The Delight Plus actually guides your brainwaves to a deeply relaxed, meditative state without any conscious effort by the user. It is the perfect remedy for clearing your mind of spontaneous thoughts and enabling you to focus on letting go. As you let go, your mental, emotional and physical being will begin to learn how this approach could become a personal gateway for improved performance and wellbeing.



The DAVID Delight Plus meditation system includes 25 sessions targeting the beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequency states with special emphasis on the alpha/theta meditatively creatitive experience. Each Delight Plus is a complete system and includes: 

White or Multi-color Eyesets and Carry Case,

Quality Stereo Headphones,

Stereo Patch Cord,

DAVID Delight Plus Carry Bag, 

9-Volt Alkaline Battery,

AC Adapter,

Comprehensive Owner’s Manual 

“Mind States: An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology”.

This DAVID Delight Plus package is only available through and ships free to the entire United States and Canada via Fedex 2 Day delivery.

Copyright: Michael Landgraf for (2014) Granada Hills, CA. All rights reserved.