AllColor Visual System

The AllColor Visual System was created by Michael Landgraf of and the late Chris Williams of Rybett Controls. The ACVS was the first color spectrum unit designed for use with light and sound brainwave entrainment devices, also known as mind machines, brain machines and psychowalkman.



The AllColor Visual System featured left and right independent eye control for color choice, four sliders for each eye that controlled red, green and blue color generation plus brightness control. The ACVS could be used either as a stand alone system for color therapy or connected to a light and sound mind machine for choosing any color in our visual color spectrum – literally thousands of different shades, blends and brightness of color choices. And the system was built utilizing analog rather than digital controls as analog allows the user to gently ramp through color changes whereas digital utilization results in jumps in color changes, which was adverse to fluid and continuous brainwave entrainment.


The reason Michael Landgraf and Chris Williams designed the AllColor Visual System was quite simple. At the time (circa 1995) if a light and sound mind machine owner wanted to use a different color stimulation for their mind machine session, they would have to buy a different color light frame. This was unacceptable. Mind machine owners would have to pay anywhere from $30 to $125 for each new color light frame, plus have so many different light frames that storage was a hassle. But mind machine manufacturers did not want to make multi-color light frames because selling individual color light frames was a cash-cow for them. So Michael and Chris made them and charged less than $200 for the entire AllColor Visual System. The result? Within six months light and sound manufacturers started producing multi-colored light frames.

acvs pic

All Mr. Landgraf and Mr. Williams wanted was for our clients to enjoy the sensation of different colors while experiencing their mind machine sessions at a cost-effective price. Once the manufacturers stopped being greedy and started producing a variety of colors within each light frame we felt we satisfied our goal and ceased making the ACVS and went back to what we enjoyed most: promoting the benefits and cost-effectiveness of light and sound mind machine neurotechnology.

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