Synetic Systems Synergizer

Last century Synetic Systems, now known as Mindplace, manufactured the Synergizer light and sound mind machine (also known as brain machine, dream machine and psychowalkman) software for personal computers.


The features of the Synergizer included: session lengths of up to 10 hours; segments having their own unique stereo sound effects; individual ramps varying from 1 – 99 minutes; independent pulse rate control for both left and right eyes and ears; three independently controlled oscillators per ear for allowing the programming of complex binaural beat frequencies and 360 degree control of synchronizing or alternating light and sound brainwave frequency patterns.

synergizer brochure inside

The Synetic Systems Synergizer was an awesome idea and was the forerunner of many of today’s computer software programs for creating entrainment via brainwave frequency stimulation like the Portacle, Neuroprogrammer 3 and Mind Workstation.

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