LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator


LoopLogic Hz is now an instant download MP3 file set broken into Gamma, High Beta, Beta, SMR, Alpha, Theta and Delta audio brainwave frequency categories. Each of the 37 tracks represent one hertz within each category and is created with dual independent binaural beat frequencies. Simply add these frequency tracks to your MP3 Player or playlist and program your playlist to create custom brainwave entrainment sessions.

Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf developed these 515 LoopLogic MP3 tracks for targeting specific frequencies within all brainwave states enabling you to create personally designed sessions for use with eeg/neurofeedback training, incorporating into music, entraining audiences during presentations, physical workouts, meditation or for just making a good thing better. Applying these sessions have endless beneficial possibilities so use your imagination! Imagine combining these one hertz tracks as a sleep aid or for relaxation or adding to your learning, memory or creative skills!

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The 515 LoopLogic Hz has a total of 37 different one hertz incremental tracks allowing you to pick and choose sessions that meet your exact specific needs. No overlap into adjoining frequencies, just straight two minute long single frequencies in 16-bit sound for you to use in intervals of your choice. You have complete entrainment control.

LoopLogic refers to programming your MP3 player. To increase the length of any track/hertz in 2 minute intervals, simply press the repeat button on your MP3 player. Or you can choose a variety of tracks/hertz for creating dual independent binaural beat audio sessions.

The 515 LoopLogic is the perfect companion for EEG Neurofeedback training. It has been observed that when combining specific tracks/hertz of the 515 LoopLogic with EEG/neurofeedback training, the participant’s ability to achieve the targeted brainwave state is enhanced, enabling the therapist to maximize each client’s neurofeedback training session.

Whether you are a therapist, session designer or mind explorer, the dual binaural beats of the 515 LoopLogic will take you, your listeners or your clients to the exact brainwave state you select.

LoopLogic has been created by Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver for Mindmachines.com and is only available from our website: www.Mindmachines.com.