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RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Many of you who use the ALLcolor Visual System have asked if there is a chart available
that will tell exactly what percentage of red, green and/or blue is needed to attain a specific
color. For this reason, we have provided the following information:
RGB chart from ACVS Owners Guide for Fall 2006
The following is an explanation of the RGB color codes:
Using an RGB Hex Triplet chart and the numbers that appear next to each color will enable you
to set the ALLcolor control console ‘sliders’ at the exact setting to achieve the specific colors
you want.
Colors are identified by using six digits: 2 for red, 2 for green and 2 for blue. The numbers must
be in RED. GREEN, BLUE order to be correct.
[ ] RR GG BB (RR=red; GG=green; BB=blue)
FF = 255 = 100%
CC = 204 = 80%
99 = 153 = 60%
66 = 102 = 40%
33 = 51 = 20%
00 = 0 = 0%
As an example, for “Brown” the number next to it in the color chart is: 996600. This tells you
the following: 99 (red at 60%) 66 (green at 40%) 00 (blue at 0%).
Should you have further questions or concerns regarding RGB-based colors, please contact Michael

Brainwave Entrainment

“Brainwave Entrainment: the light and sound machines I use”


On sunny days I like to sit on my back porch in the early afternoon and do a twenty minute pRoshi session. The pRoshi is not a brainwave entrainment generator, the pRoshi is a brainwave disentrainment activator. When business related I’ll use the pRoshi with blue/green 3D color stimulation frames. Works well to keep me motivated and generating creative thoughts, energized but not crazy busy. I find myself being more productive. For recreational sessions I enjoy the blue/red 3D stimulation. Interesting journey. Thoughts transcend, fade in and out, yet vivid and focused, in a very deep meditative, universally insightful way. Awareness.





Everyone should own a pRoshi. If I had to describe a pRoshi session experience I’d say you’d gain an-everything-around-and-within-awareness realization that can mentally, emotionally and physically manifest into positive personal understanding. Conscious brainwave awareness can result in calm, focused and happy attitudes, improved sleep, with a strong sense of mind/body synchronicity.


Delight Pro


I also like the Delight Pro with CES. 2-user capacity, session editor software, Chakra colors generated by the lightframes, even has left/right independent color control. No goop needed for the CES earclips either. Super clean. Every session does what it says: need sleep? got an attitude problem? someone close got an attitude problem? Lightframes, headphones, earclips = perfect personal escape. With 2-users experiencing the same session, it’s like being on the same brainwave. The first two Mood Brightner sessions have personally helped me deal with pulled muscles and other clumsily-induced annoyances. Do much air travel? Include your Delight Pro. A rapidly growing awareness among coaches and athletes is the importance of brainwave focus training for achieving desired competitively focused states at will. Many pre-Olympians are utilizing brainwave focus instruction as part of their training regiment for the Rio Games.



And my other favorite is the mBm. Stands for microBeatmini. Entire system fits in the lightframes. One wire going to your iTune playlist. Frames fold up just like sunglasses, earbuds can handle high volume. Most efficient and compact AudioStrobe system around. Even includes soft rubber-molded lightframe cover for ganzfeld-type effects.

Since 1985 I have experienced hundreds of sessions on dozens of light and sound machines, and the three systems I would highly recommend to everyone interested in brainwave entrainment or disentrainment focus training are the pRoshi, the Delight Pro with CES and the microBeatmini.


Now available on Kindle:

 "Mind States" by Michael Landgraf


Copyright: Michael Landgraf for (CA) 2013


The Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine by MindPlace

The Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine by MindPlace

Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven

(Part Five of Five)

In truth consciousness is all that exists and infinitively creative and indestructible. As I was saying this I suddenly felt an electric-like shock come over me and after an instant or two I began to discern in my mind’s eye a group of scientists that were working on an experiment in a laboratory. I also had some thoughts that concurred with what I was seeing. The scientists were using computer equipment and various high tech and medical instruments. My awareness or consciousness immediately sized the environment traveling through every micro centimeter of it and through everything and everyone, realizing that “it” was part of a “bigger” consciousness: of the consciousness that creates the minds of the scientists as well as their mathematical formulations and equations; the consciousness that creates the laboratory they work in, the instruments themselves, the consciousness that creates the air and oxygen the scientists breathe as well as the sky, the stars, the galaxies and everything in existence in the scientists reality. Yet at the same time consciousness was outside observing itself through me…

Based on this particular experience I understood that consciousness is truly all that exists; formless in its original state but embedded with the potential to become anything imaginable including nothing! (As in nothingness.) At one point during this experience I felt as though I somehow “dropped” from the state I had been in. It was rather abrupt, and upon further investigation I realized that the track on the DVD had finished. I still had some lingering effects of the Salvia but they were mild. Nonetheless the experience had seemed real, very real, and the technology I was using together with the plant seemed to be something that’s beyond virtual reality. I was awed by what I had just seen and experienced and further understood that Nature was indeed attempting to communicate with those capable of understanding it; this Intelligence was communicating its intentions: integration as opposed to separation.

Excerpted from chapter 3: “PlantSpeak,” of the book Back From The Void by Zoe Seven

Please visit:

Copyright Zoe Seven,author, for AVS Journal (2004). All right reserved.

Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven

(Part Four of Five)

These particular plantspeak experiences seemed to very much back up the claims, to me at least, made by Cleve Backster, which I shared in the previous chapter and which allege that everything in Nature including plants have at least some type of sentience and consciousness.

Here the psychoactive molecules of the plant were interfaced with my kappa opioid neuro receptors, while my visual cortex, hippocampus, cerebellum, and vestibular system among other brain structures were being stimulated by the flashing lights and the binaural frequencies of the AV3X via my television set. This resulted in a definitely unusual and vastly different modified state of awareness I had experienced before. Being inside the organitechs realm, my mind began decoding the ROTES these creatures were sending my way. And I began “platspeaking:”

“Nature and Technology are at an important crossroads. Nature, in its infinite intelligence is seeking to merge with technology and co-evolve. Perhaps even dynamically intermix with technology and continue on a new evolutionary path. Technology appears to be disconnected from Nature however. As through technology humans and other species attempt to control, dominate, and even circumvent Nature.

A portion of Infinite Intelligence is embedded in everything that exists in this physical universe, including human beings. And the mechanical, synthetic and even digital technology that humans are familiar with and have co-developed with the aid of other species of consciousness, some incarnate and others notcomes through Nature, which in turn contains all the possible DNA scripts which allows for biological creation, and incarnation/manifestation in flesh.

We “organitechs” are a probable species of consciousness that has resulted from the fusion of technology and the organic. We are not at odds with one another but rather have integrated both of our unique aspects of being into a more diversified and creative whole. The reason for this is that we have minimal duality from our perspective than humans do. But the challenge now, at the current crossroads, is for humans to recognize their disconnection from Nature and seek to integrate and merge with it as opposed to trying to subdue it.

This particular interaction is happening in this matter to serve as an archetype or blueprint, for the specialized form of your creature’s (human) consciousness species to merge with Nature and with technology-the cosmic triad-and continue onward on its evolutionary path, which by its very nature, is varied and has no boundaries.

End of Part Four

Copyright Zoe Seven for AVS Journal (2004). All right reserved.


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven


(Part Three of Five)

At any rate, as I was engaged in this, I noted a slight but strange “buzzing” sound in the background. Upon further inspection I noted that said sound appeared to be originating from inside of me; perhaps it had something to do with my mind’s processing of the experience provided by this new combo, I reasoned. The pulsing effect of the binaural frequencies embedded in the music also began to feel very pronounced: boom-boom-woosh-woosh. These frequencies were dictating the new and modified sense of awareness I was in. The feelings associated with this state of mind were very different than either the technology or the plant on their own. And the strobe-like flashes from the DVD definitively seemed to enhance the overall experience. As all this was taking place my sense of awareness was rapidly becoming one with what I was seeing.

The living room was no longer in existence. It had been replaced by another reality that resembled an underwater one. I was no longer looking at morphing digital fractals but rather at some unique type of life forms. They seemed organic but upon closer inspection they had tiny circuits all around them. The words: “organic,” “circuitry,” and “technology” popped into my head. These life forms seemed intelligent. And unlike the ayahuasca snakes (for more on the shamanic brew ayahuasca please see Back From The Void) which don’t interact with those under the brew’s influence, these creatures were actually seeking to interact with me as they gathered all around. The life forms reminded me of cells of the human body I’d come across on some biology books but they were not “flat” nor round but rather but three-dimensional and wave-like. The reason why I say they were life forms is mainly because of two things: 1) they all had a skin-like membrane which resembled the shinny coats that seals have which had these whitish pock marks, and, 2) although they lacked eyes (which apparently they did not need to either communicate or have their experiences with) I could still relate to them as they were apparently sending forth some type of force field that my consciousness could readily sense, tune in to, and decode as it established a communication link between us. I have since nicknamed these creatures: “organitechs” (as in “organic technologies”). The communication between us was in non-verbal form and similar to the ROTES mentioned by Robert Monroe in his books and which I’ve already described. And although there were no visual pictures in them, I could discern there was a lot of information.

By this time I had been recently speaking out loud during my plant experiences as the consciousness of the plant was apparently, because of my past experiments, fusing with mine creating a sort of hybrid consciousness of the two and using my nervous system and vocal chords in a phenomenon similar to channeling. Therefore I could “speak” the ROTES of information they sent into my consciousness. This is what I have dubbed, “plantspeak.”

End of Part Three

Copyright Zoe Seven for AVS Journal (2004). All right reserved.

Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven


(Part Two of Five)

As I was writing said article I suddenly had the impetus to experience this digital meditation technology together with a psychoactive plant. As the visuals reminded me of some of the visions I usually see under the influence of psychoactive compounds. I also got the distinct feeling as though something inside of me wanted to “interact” with the AV3X. Perhaps it was simply my curiosity. Perhaps it was something other than that. Coincidently at that same time I had attended the Mind States 4 conference as a guest panelist (you may read a review article of said event on my website) and had gotten a good supply of the psychoactive “diviner’s sage” Salvia divinorum (for more on S. divinorum see my new book Back From The Void or check out my website) both in the sub lingual “Emerald Essence” formula version as well as the enhanced leaf used for smoking. I knew right from the get go that smoking the enhanced leaf would not be that advantageous in this particular combo because of the immediate onset of the Salvia effects via this route of intake. On the other hand, the sub lingual version, because of the time it takes to be absorbed into the blood stream (about fifteen to twenty minutes versus the thirty seconds or so via smoking), as well as the duration of its effects (a little over an hour as opposed to three to five minutes via smoking) seemed to be my best bet. So I opted for the sub lingual version.

After measuring out the correct amount of liquid (I used roughly about 3.5 milliliters), I put it inside my mouth and let the tincture rest under my tongue for roughly about 15 minutes until the effects began. While waiting I sit back to enjoy the AV3X’s tracks. Right around the twelve-minute mark or so I begin to sense a change in my mental state. I was obviously very relaxed and mindful because of the DVD’s brain entrainment features but the plant was also beginning to take a hold of my consciousness and I could feel it “wrapping” around me, around my brain and around my mind. But then this feeling, this modified state my consciousness was engaging, began to seemingly “interact” with the digital images playing on the television screen. Then in a couple of minutes more, I could not believe my eyes as the graphics began to look “real”-three-dimensional and “alive” and began coming out of the screen and commenced to wrap around me! I was being enveloped by them and a portion of my living room-the one where the my TV was in-suddenly appeared almost like a fish tank in the sense that it had “things” floating around in it. The empty space was no longer “empty” but rather it had digital images suspended in mid air. This was easily one of the most outstanding experiences I’d encountered by combining plants and digital cyber technology.

The next time I tried this new combination I decided to double the dose to see what the effects would be like. Was in for a surprise… Nearly twenty minutes after intake the television screen had dissolved and the fractal images were once again coming out of the screen. But this time the stronger psychoactive effects allowed me to “enter” through a tunnel that was seemingly coming out from the television screen from where the images also emanating from. The tunnel seemed like a swirling eddy. In a way, because of the spirals that made it up, the tunnel-like structure reminded me of what the “time tunnel” (from the popular sixties television series) looked like. I entered into it and once inside and as I made my way through it I could discern tiny pieces of something very similar to glitter floating around me. If it weren’t for the fact that they were shinny and silvery they could have perhaps passed for the underwater bubbles that can be seen in pictures of scuba divers.

End of Part Two

Copyright Zoe Seven for AVS Journal (2004). All right reserved.

Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage


Encounters with the Fantastic: The AV3X meets the Diviner’s Sage

By Zoe Seven


(Part One of Five)

Michael Landgraf, publisher of the AVS Journal, a magazine dedicated to mind machine enthusiasts, initially contacted me via email about possibly writing an article about what I do for his magazine. Which I did, and my article, “Cyber-Shamanism: the fusion of modern technology with ancient, plant-based shamanism,” appeared on the fall 2002 issue. This time he emailed to ask if I would be interested in trying out a new product: a new “digital meditation” DVD: the AV3X, which had been recently released. I immediately perked up while reading the email and wrote back to him saying definitively, as it sounded like something right up my alley: an ancient practice innovated by way of modern technology. Coincidently, within that same time frame I was also contacted by Christopher Oliver, an internationally renowned expert in the field of brainwave entrainment technology and musical composer and actual inventor of the AV3X for the same reason. I also said yes to him and, as a result, I got 2 free DVD’s… heh.

A few days later I got in the mail this new technology which I was very much looking forward to trying out. At the time I had not thought of doing anything but taking the AV3X for a ride as far as my infamous alchemical combination experiments are concerned. It did not cross my mind at all to combine a DVD together with a psychoactive plant. But this would change…

So there I was, in my living room dimming the lights and getting ready for the AV3X “digital meditation” experience. I flicked the TV on, took the DVD out of its case, popped it into my DVD player, dawned by headphones and sat back on my couch. After choosing four out of its six audio/visual tracks and began playing them, the first thing I noticed was that layered right on top of the visual images was a strobe-like effect, which I immediately figured was to help facilitate brain entrainment, as I had already been told that the music was embedded with binaural frequencies in the alpha and theta brainwave range to produce a soothing, meditative experience.

The combination of strobe and binaural frequencies was indeed a powerful combination. I also enjoyed the actual music of the soundtrack as it has qualities I look for when searching for musical pieces to enhance any of my mental practices such as mediation, relaxation and lucid dreaming/OBE induction; even entheogenic/ psychonautical exploration. This music is dreamy and spacey as well as expansive. It is also abstract yet melodic and apparently composed to bring about certain moods. The visuals are simply stunning and consist of digital mind-bending, fractal-like visuals, which morph into the music with rich colors melting into each other. At times the imagery on this DVD makes one feel as though on an inner-journey voyaging through a swirling cosmic tunnel. I immediately saw this new technology as the next step in light and sound brain wave stimulation, and after trying out the AV3X I was so excited that I immediately sat down to write a review article for it, which I published on my website. From the article:

“…Christopher Oliver’s innovative creation goes one step beyond as it uses the power of digital imaging special effects to skillfully replicate the swirling, morphing, colorful visions and abstract landscapes that may be seen under the influence of shamanic vision-inducing plants. In that sense these images, although high-tech in aspect and design, are very ‘organic’ and ‘fluid’ in nature.

This is something that has not been able to be replicated by any of the light and sound brainwave synchronizers available anywhere. In that respect this DVD is the next best thing to a shamanic visionary experience.”

End of Part One

Copyright Zoe Seven for AVS Journal (2004). All right reserved.

DAVID Alert Pro with CES Mind Machine by Mind Alive for PTSD

DAVID Alert Pro with CES Mind Machine by Mind Alive for PTSD


The best light and sound mind machine available for PTSD (Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder) is the DAVID ALERT Pro with CES by Mind Alive, Inc. The DAVID Alert Pro with CES (cranial-electrical-stimulation) is not the most expensive mind machine, it is the most effective. The ALERT Pro is the light, sound and CES mind machine that is used professionally and personally.

Children and adults struggling with PTSD and associated behavioral disorders (BD) often experience compounded issues such as insomnia, depression, stress, underachievement, oftentimes nightmares and a tendency to experiment with drugs. Families and clinicians using the DAVID ALERT Pro mind machine are realizing very positive results and those that have used Audio Visual Stimulation with cranial-electrical-stimulation say that effects are enhanced when using both together.

David Siever, President of Mind Alive, receives very interesting stories from DAVID  Alert Pro owners and their experiences. The following experience, written by Dr. John Carmichael, illustrates how psychologists utilize DAVID Alert neurotechnology with clients:

“As you know, I am the approved and designated clinical psychologist to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in my part of British Columbia and have been so for almost twenty years now. Currently, over 80% of my private practice in clinical psychology is with police officers who most typically present with depression in which accumulated traumatic incidents have played a significant role, or with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or with both depression and PTSD. Additionally, it has been my experience that the officers I see have waited until the very last minute to call me so that by the time we meet the symptoms are very marked in both number and intensity and they have been on-going for some considerable time.

My diagnosis and treatment plan continues to be based on a careful assessment: a structured clinical interview which can include the Hamilton Depression Inventory and/or the Clinician Administered PTSD-Scale for DSM-IV; clinical psychophysiological measures including baseline arousal levels, reactivity to stressors, and recovery once stressors are terminated; administration of standardized psychological tests such as the Personality Assessment Inventory and the Trauma Symptom Inventory; and often an interview with the client’s spouse–I am nothing if not thorough.

Until recently intervention has included a step-wise combination of psycho-education about the diagnosis, seeing a physician for medical examination and possible medication, relevant recommendations for client’s to implement based on research in Health Psychology (for example, increasing aerobic exercise, decreasing the use of stimulants, and sleep hygiene), biofeedback-assisted training in relaxation/self-regulation (autonomic nervous system, relevant muscle systems, and EEG), and appropriate aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I continue to do all of the above.

However, since discovering your DAVID technology about 18 months ago, I now include audio-visual entrainment for all of my police clients with depression and/or PTSD once there is psychophysiological confirmation both that they have mastered diaphragmatic breathing, that they can establish an RSA pattern, and that the entrainment creates desirable changes.

When using the DAVID, generally, we begin with (and most often stay with) frequencies at 10 Hz (although sometimes down as low as 7.8 Hz). Some clients keep the unit for six months before returning it as they no longer have the symptoms they came with, others keep it indefinitely using it daily at first and months later only as symptoms reoccur, and still others continue to use it on a daily basis (two people have done so for 12 months now). Regardless, it is clear that well over 90% of my police clients find the DAVID helpful. Among the most common findings are:

A rapid decrease in both autonomic nervous system hyper-arousal/hyper-reactivity and muscle tension (I show clients the changes during their first session with DAVID in my office);

A longer and longer duration of these positive effects the more frequently they use the DAVID;

A rapid increase in mental calmness and corresponding decrease in “monkey mind” (thoughts all over the place);

Rapid improvements in sleep (reduced latency to sleep onset, decreased night waking, and increased sense of restfulness come morning) when they use it at regular bedtime and again if they wake during the night and are unable to fall back asleep within 15 minutes;

And what appears to be self-initiated changes in both behaviour and cognitions even before any formal introduction of cognitive behavioural therapy.

The positive effects noted above are even more remarkable to me given the suspicion levels typical of most police officers I see, the significant intensity of symptoms upon presentation, and how long symptoms have persisted. Moreover, as people of action, police officers are pleased to have something they can do to modify symptoms quickly on their own without having to talk at length with me about their childhood or mothers as they mistakenly expect we will be doing. ” ( Copyright: Dr. John A. Carmichael, Clinical and Police Psychologye, Kamloops, British Columbia, CANADA)

The DAVID Alert Pro with CES mind machine by Mind Alive contains all the proven effective audio and visual frequency stimulated ALERT sessions designed exclusively by Michael Joyce. With the Alert Pro, the sessions generate the added sensation of cranial-electrical-stimulation (CES). The DAVID Alert Pro mind machine comes complete with white eyesets (or Multi-color) and case, unit (black, yellow or blue), headphones or earbuds, stereo patch cord, CES earclip stim cable, 9-Volt Alkaline Battery, AC Adapter, Comprehensive Operator’s Manual, User’s Guide with Symptom Survey Checklist and DAVID Carry Bag.

Copyright: All rights reserved.


Understanding What Built-in Mindmachine Sessions Are

Selecting a light and sound session is simple. Your mind machine owners manual contains a complete list of all built-in sessions, plus instructions on how to custom design others.

You should first ask yourself which type of session you feel like experiencing. The session list will contain such types as energy, relaxation, creativity, meditation, learning and sleep. Decide which type you feel in the mood for and check which sessions are available within each type.

This list will also tell you what frequencies are targeted and the intended general effect. Since we are all different, that is, no two individuals think exactly alike, the general effect of each session will vary on an individual basis. In general, however, if a session deals with relaxation, all individuals should expect to experience varying degrees of relaxation and calmness. The same idea also pertains to the other types of sessions.

Session titles are usually chosen by the session designer and are based on the programmer’s experience with the session and also the experiences of test subjects. Just keep in mind that since we are all different, we will all be affected differently by each session. Therefore, the best way to determine which sessions work best for you is to experiment with each session title within each session category.

Open your owners manual to the section that lists the sessions. In the first column the sessions are broken down into types, like energize, relaxation, meditation, entertainment, etc.. Then you have the session numbers followed by their length. Next comes the titles of each session, their frequency range, type of tone used and a brief definition of what each session tries for.

Here is the easiest way to figure out which one you want to use. Find the type of session you feel like doing, then go straight to the frequency range. Of course you already know the different brain states and general characteristics of each state. So for example, say you need to relax. You go to the relaxation sessions. How deep do you want to go? The frequency range will tell you how deep the session goes, not the title of the session or the brief definition that follows. Those are informative, but it is easier to just look at what frequencies the session targets.

Two sessions target the same frequency? Check which type of tone is used. Length of session is also important. Decide what length you want. Remember, always listen to the complete session. Do not listen half way through then go out and drive the freeways. That is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Besides, most light and sound units give you the opportunity to either lengthen or shorten the time of each session. Also, most allow you to change the type of tone for each session. Over time, you will probably try all of the sessions, you will know the sessions you like the most and you will stop referring to the owners manual when you go to use your system. That’s okay. That says you know what your system has to offer and how you can manipulate the parameters to suit your specific needs.


Many sessions target more than one brainwave category. Say the purpose of doing your session today is for creativity. You are working on a project and you need some fresh ideas, but you are facing a deadline for getting it completed. Do you do a short creativity/theta session for some quick inspiration or a half-hour creativity/energize session to conjure up fresh ideas and simultaneously produce the energy to write it down really fast? Try the short creativity/theta session. Why? Because at sessions end, you will be back at your normal low beta state, feeling relaxed and fresh and hopefully full of new ideas. And your focus will also be enhanced. Being in a relaxed and focused frame of mind should enable you to write what needs writing in a fashion that meets your deadline. Your mind should also possess the clarity to carry you through to project’s end.

On the other hand, how late were you up last night? Do you need the alertness associated with high beta/energize stimulation? Can you spare the extra time doing a longer session and still meet your deadline? Say you need the alertness associated with the energize session but lack the half-hour to do the session. Why not take the best from both sessions? All you have to do is shorten the length of the creativity/energize session. If it is 30 minutes, make it 15 instead. Just make sure at session’s end that you sit down to finish your project and not run out to hit some tennis balls.

That is just an example of how you can adjust the built-in sessions of your instrument to suit your specific needs. When doing a session, see if this statement holds true for you: When experiencing a beta or gamma session, the colors are predominantly black, white and grey with a lot of intricate patterns. When doing alpha, theta and delta sessions, there are more colors, lots of green, blue, red, yellow, etc., and there are more swirls and blends rather than patterns. I am not sure why that is. I do know all those visuals are produced by your mind. And after performing thousands of light and sound sessions on clients, friends and associates, I have found this to be the norm rather than the exception. But as for why that happens, ask your local neurologist. They usually know everything.