“Continuing thoughts about brainwave entrainment and light and sound machines”

“Continuing thoughts about brainwave entrainment and light and sound machines”




Green color stimulation came next after red, followed by a red / green combination of pulsed light stimulation. After that, it was as if various color LEDs spontaneously generated because lightframes were being offered featuring white, blue, orange, yellow, all kinds of colors and combinations. It was as if the light and sound manufacturers finally found an LED source offering more than the color red. This change from one available color stimulation lightframe to various different color lightframe choices occurred rather quickly – all within just a few years.


There was one glaring problem that light and sound machine users had to deal with for years: If you wanted a different color stimulation you had to purchase that particular color’s lightframe. Mind machine enthusiasts owned boxfulls of lightframes and were annoyed by having to spend so much to use a machine promoting relaxation.


The rationalization was technology possessed the ability to provide several different LED colors capable of generating specific colors within one lightframe so why were the manufacturers sticking with just one or two specific colors in their lightframes? The manufacturers were not keeping up with the times. Why?

light stimulation frames

Let’s sidetrack a bit and start with just the lightframe, not what color is being generated. Every lightframe manufacturer used a specific polarity – either Common Ground or Common Power. Sure you now have multiple colors contained within one lightframe, but to work on a particular light and sound machine the lightframes had to be a compatible polarity. If you had the wrong polarity the lightframes would not work. The late Chris Williams changed things…



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