Identifying stress-related problems at work


Many problems in business arise from inappropriate or maladaptive coping with stress.

Stress is a “… state of imbalance between the demands of the environment and the response capabilities of the person” (Novaco, 1978).

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Stress related disorders include ulcers, headaches, colitis, muscular tension, chronic pain, diarrhea, speech difficulties, bruxism, insomnia, asthma, fatigue and indigestion.

Psychological effects of chronic or excessive stress are anxiety, depression, restlessness, phobia, sexual dysfunction and lifestyle problems such as obesity, chain smoking and alcoholism.

Work-related Stress

Work-related Stress


Sociobehavioral effects include aggression, withdrawal, preoccupation with self problems, deficits in concentration or memory and inability to effectively study or work.

These effects are translated into concrete problems in businesses and industries: accidents, low productivity, poor worker judgment, deteriorating job performance, absenteeism, high personnel turnover, inaccurate reports and illness on the job.

Millions are lost annually to tardiness, absenteeism, medical expenses, increased insurance premiums and inadequate productivity.


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