Restless by nature

People who are restless by nature have a difficult time learning to meditate. Resolutions are made, and decisions to stick with them, but they don’t really last very long. Sitting still for an hour a day for meditation is alot to ask and is beyond many’s ability to sit still. How does an individual overcome figeting and restlessness that is seemingly ingrained?

Turning restlessness into peace and patience is actually easy to attain. Try meditation sessions with a mindmachine. Accessorize by having both multi-color and open-eye lightframes for sitting or walking meditation sessions. A mindmachine can gently lead you into deep states of meditative awareness, without any conscious effort on your part. Mindmachines are often referred to as light and sound machines and the best system for overcoming that ingrained sensation of restlessness is the DAVID Delight Pro with CES.

The DAVID Delight Pro with CES combined with audio recordings you enjoy listening to during meditation can turn your mind from constant restless thoughts to the depths of the theta brainwave state in minutes. The ability to be able to relax, to finally experience rhythmic breathing and inner awareness would be a valuable tool in your quest to overcome restlessness and enjoy meditation.

The complete DAVID Delight Pro with CES system includes Tru-vu Omniscreen lightframe with protective case; your choice of headphones or earbuds; black, yellow or blue Delight Pro case color; CES earclip stimulation cable, stereo patch cord; 9-volt alkaline battery; ac adapter; comprehensive operator’s manual and carry bag for portability.


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