Personal Mind Power


Personal mind power can be strengthened by using mind machines, also known as light and sound machines. The best mind machine for brainwave entrainment is the DAVID Delight Pro with CES. Through brain entrainment you are guided to different levels of consciousness, all accessible thanks to todays advanced brainwave technology. And unlike using a biofeedback machine or receiving neurofeedback training, the DAVID Delight Pro requires no conscious effort on your part. You are taken to the targeted brainwave frequency state just by selecting which built-in session you wish to experience.


The DAVID Delight Pro offers three separate modalities for stimulating your brainwave frequencies: pulsed light, pulsed audio (including binaural beats) and cranial-electro-stimulation (CES). This has great advantages for users over other mind machines that offer only two stimulation modalities. If you are light sensitive, just use the audio and CES modalities. For those who are hearing impaired, use the light and CES modalities. And if you are having difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep, rather than using the headphones, eyeset and earclips, simply plug in a pair of inexpensive computer speakers, set the audio at a very low volume (just below the threshold of your hearing) and relax into sleep with the audio brainwave frequency beats being played through the speakers. Since the pulsed light, pulsed audio and CES modalities are all in sync, you can use one, two or all three modalities. It’s your choice.


Within thirty days of routine use (ideally doing one session every day) you should notice subtle changes that reflect an increased ability on your part to being more relaxed, more focused, with better memory retention, more confidence and an overall positive feeling of wellbeing. Read what others say, visit:


As you become more familiar with using your DAVID Delight Pro, increasing the power of your mind and experiencing peak performance in work, school and daily life will unlock your true potential.