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Theta Mind’s Eye

Theta Mind’s Eye

For several years Theta offered the Mind’s Eye light and sound mind machine, also known as a dream machine, brain machine or psychowalkman. The Mind’s Eye was an easy-to-use system that offered 50 brainwave frequency sessions, had Polysync capability and could interface with the Mindplace Thoughtstream biofeedback system. The Thoughtstream is still manufactured by Mindplace today, along with the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media mind machines.




The Theta Mind’s Eye offered four different sound selections, including binaural beats, binaural beats synchronized to pulsed lights, adjustable pitch control with soft on / soft off capability at the beginning and end of each brainwave frequency session. The Mind’s Eye was a very effective brainwave entrainment mind machine that was built to last a lifetime.

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Theta Voyager XL Brainwave Entrainment Mind Machine

The Theta Voyager XL

The Voyager XL mind machine by Theta Technologies was used by the medical and educational communities as an effective and beneficial means of producing brainwave entrainment for the purposes of promoting mental, emotional and physical wellness, memory retention and reducing stress and anxiety.



The Theta Voyager XL mind machine generated brainwave frequencies in the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta frequency ranges, affecting all general brainwave states of consciousness.


Theta Technologies’ mind machine, also known as brain machine or psychowalkman, was a high-end system at a mid-range price. The Voyager XL bears a strong resemblance to the Mastermind by Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace), the forerunner of the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media systems that are so popular today.


This mind machine produced several types of brainwave stimulation including binaural beats, possessed adjustable session length of time and included session selection parameters not found in similarly priced mind machine entrainment generators.


Theta Technologies was based in the state of Washington and offered several mind machines and CES (cranial-electris-stimulation) instruments.

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Mind Gear SLX

The Mind Gear SLX

The Mind Gear SLX light and sound brainwave frequency mind machine was an affordable and effective system for brainwave entrainment, accessing all general brainwave states of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and even High Beta (often called Gamma).



With sixteen built-in light and sound brainwave sessions and frequency range from 1Hz to 40Hz, the Mind Gear SLX was very similar to the higher priced Mind Gear PR2x light and sound brain machine, also referred to as psychowalkman.



The SLX produced two sounds including binaural beats, had adjustable pitch control and each session could be lengthened or shortened depending upon how long the user wished to do a specific light and sound session. Priced at $149.95, the Mind Gear SLX was an excellent choice by thousands of mind machine users during the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s.

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InnerQuest IQ – JR Mind Machine

The InnerQuest IQ – JR Mind machine

The InnerQuest IQ jr was one of the finest mind machines ever produced. The late founder of Psych Research, Rob Robinson, worked with Gayland Hurst, Ph.D. and Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. to compile fourteen highly effective built-in light and sound brainwave frequency sessions that during the 1990’s proved beneficial to thousands of light and sound mind machine users worldwide.



Though basic in style, at least by today’s standards, the InnerQuest IQ-JR featured two types of brainwave frequency stimulation with the ability to ‘hold’ any specific frequency or pattern of frequencies during any given light and sound session, whether those frequencies were in Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta or any combination thereof.



The InnerQuest IQ-JR was a complete system that came with red LED light frames, high quality headphones that were soft, comfortable and completely blocked out all outside noise, ac adapter and an owners manual that was incredibly easy to understand. If Psych Research / InnerQuest was still around today there is no question that the IQ-JR would still be a top-selling mind machine.


Synetic Systems Mastermind

Synetic Systems Mastermind

Mindplace, the manufacturer that produces the Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media mind machines, was formerly known as Synetic Systems. During that period, they produced a beneficial little mind machine (also known as brain machine or psychowalkman) called the Mastermind.


The Mastermind was a pretty cool little system, featuring a unique new keyboard that allowed the user to chose the type of brainwave stimulation they wanted; the type of audio beats, for example binaural beats, for the light and sound frequency generation; and the length of time they wanted the session to last. Synetic Systems streamlined the selection process, making the whole thing easier to use.


On top of all those features they offered something else new: Polysync technology. By using a specially encoded cassette tape which in the first five to ten seconds of the tape had a series of beeps and tones which were actually instructions for the Mastermind to synchronize the pulsed lights and audio beats to the music on the cassette.

Polysync was touted as extra special, making the Mastermind the only light and sound mind machine you would ever need because all you would have to purchase in the future would be Polysync cassette tapes.

As great an idea as this was, unfortunately cassette tapes faded from the landscape as CDs became the popular format. And one word can best describe why the Mastermind was discontinued: Audiostrobe.


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Mindplace Orion

The Orion by Mindplace was an inexpensive light and sound mind machine that contained brainwave frequency sessions targeting all four general states of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Here is a brochure from 1996 first introducing the Orion mind machine to the general public:


The back of the brochure is still a great read, detailing the advantages of using this great little brain machine, also known as a psychowalkman…


A few years after the Orion’s introduction, upgrades were made and this Mindplace light and sound machine became known as the Sirius light and sound instrument. But after a few more years the Orion / Sirius was retired, mainly due to the increased popularity of the Mindplace Proteus, Procyon and Kasina Mind Media mindmachines.









Mind Gear PR2-x

The Mind Gear PR2-x was a very cool mind machine, both effective and beneficial. In fact, the built-in sessions proved so effective that this system’s predecessor – the Bluetooth MindLightz – contains many of the same sessions.



A lot has changed, obviously, as now there are no more wires to contend with. During the PR2-x’s heyday, the light frames rocked with colorful visuals and the headphones weren’t the cheap type common to many other light and sound mind machines.




Take a trip back in time by enlarging the above image and read what last century’s brain machines, also known as psychowalkman, specifically the PR2-x offered light and sound enthusiasts as the latest in modern technology.




*****SOLD OUT*****


The ALLcolor Visual System pictured is on sale for $179. Price includes domestic USPS Priority Mail. This ACVS has been gently used (no marks or scratches) and is in perfect operating condition.


ACVS Console & RGB Lightframes

ACVS Console & RGB Lightframes


The ALLcolor Visual System is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit for creating a specific constant color for Color Therapy or with audio/visual stimulation (AVS) machines (also referred to as light and sound mind machines) for pulsed light stimulation (AVS models like the DAVID Paradise and MindGear PR2-X).






ACVS lightframes can generate 256 different colors, along with a wide variety of hues, for over 4,000 different shades and blends of color. ACVS lightframes give you the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors when doing color therapy or using your AVS / light and sound instrument, greatly enhancing your light and sound or light-only session experiences.





The ACVS is a cost-effective way to achieve a particular color choice quickly and easily. The result is a more enriching color experience that maximizes the potential of either an AVS / light and sound or color-only session. ALLcolor lightframes are assembled with a lengthy cord that is connected to the hand-sized color-control console. This console has analog slide controls (for red, green, blue and brightness) for both the left and right fields of vision, enabling the user to choose stereo stimulation (different colors for each eye) or mono stimulation (one color for both eyes). The stimulation can be pulsed for light and sound sessions (Test / Run switch set to “Run”) or constant for color therapy sessions (Test / Run switch set to “Test”). The ALLcolor control console comes equipped with its own ac adapter and acts as a stand-alone unit for color therapy. For AVS / light and sound sessions, a stereo patch cord (included) can be connected to either “Signal” (input) port of the color control console and the user’s lightframes port on their AVS / light and sound instrument.

The lightframes contain 1 RGB (red/green/blue) LEDchip on each eye (left and right). The light intensity (at maximum) is 30% brighter than any other AVS lightframe on the market, so be sure to set the intensity at a comfortable level at the beginning of each session. The lights operate at a 33% duty cycle (high frequency square wave).

To purchase this ACVS contact or call Michael at 818-831-7931