Mind Gear Turbosonix CDs


First there was the Synetic Systems (now known as Mindplace, the manufacturer of Proteus, Procyon and Kasina mind machines) Polysync cassettes, then came the Mind Gear Turbosonix CDs and finally Audiostrobe CDs came into existence. The Turbosonix CDs just couldn’t compete with Audiostrobe.



Mind Gear produced a 3 CD set containing ten different Turbosonix sessions. Each session was perfectly synchronized with strobe light encoded sessions so you could enjoy light and sound mind machine brainwave frequency encoded entrainment simply by using your CD (compact disk) player. That was quite a feat for the technology of that time, which was only fifteen to twenty years ago. I know, that’s a lifetime for millennials, but a blink of an eye for us older light and sound brainwave frequency mind machine users.

So today, Mind Gear (also known as Mind Tools) makes the only bluetooth light and sound brainwave generator to be licensed by Apple. It’s called the MindLightz, comes as an iTunes app that is free to download. And all you need purchase are the bluetooth light frames and headphones. And as for synchronization, all you need do is use your Apple device’s playlist. The MindLightz is extraordinary, with plenty of manually controlled functions, pre-sets, and the entrainment effects are excellent.

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