BioLight by Theta Technologies


The BioLight by Theta Technologies was the first light and sound brainwave frequency mind machine to combine light and sound entrainment sessions with GSR (Galvanic Skin Resistence) biofeedback (much like today’s Thoughtstream by Mindplace) into one simple device. It was a great idea at an affordable price.


The best part of the BioLight multi-purpose mind machine was the five integrated light and sound sessions. The relaxation, meditation, energize and accelerated learning sessions were all created by Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.. Dr. Sommer was a pioneer in light and sound neurotechnology and considered the leader in promoting the beneficial effects of pulsed light and sound brainwave stimulation. Besides being the best at helping learning disabled and hyperactive individuals achieve peak academic performance at will, Rayma was at her best with pre-Olympians, Olympians and professional athletes. Gary Hall Jr. was her first pre-Olympian to complete her sports performance instruction for the Atlanta Olympic Games and brought home the gold medal. Up untril her passing after the London Olympic Games, Rayma’s students brought home over 50 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the United States. The light and sound sessions used for the athletes peak performance training were based on the sessions associated with the BioLight.

With Dr. Sommer’s brainwave frequency entrainment sessions, eight unique user modes, and full biofeedback sensitivity control, combined with the lightframes, headphones and biofeedback finger probes, Theta Technologies offered a truly beneficial biofeed-in / biofeedback system well worth the $249 retail price.


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