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Light, Sound and the 515 MP3: “Not Just Another Sleep Aid”

Light, Sound and the 515 MP3: “Not Just Another Sleep Aid” 

Virtual 515 MP3

“My wife has had a severe insomnia problem for about 7 years. We’ve tried everything:herbs, light therapy, over-the-counter sleeping aids, melatonin, and a lot more. We’ve read experts’

books on what causes insomnia, and we’ve followed the guidelines for trying to resolve
it. My wife is a very light sleeper, and once she awakens in the middle of the night has serious
difficulty getting back to sleep.
At your suggestion we purchased a light and sound instrument and also the 
515 MP3. We’ve had

more success than with anything else we’ve used in the past. Sometimes its difficult to find the
right frequency to help her get to sleep, but we nearly always succeed, and sometimes in a very
short time period. I’ve done some novice programming of my own and have found that a 3-
minute ramp from low beta to the delta-theta range with a 2 Hz offset works very well. We’ve
also had success with the delta track on the 515 MP3, and with several of the programmed sessions
in our light and sound instrument.
We appreciate your help and recommendation to use these tools, with which we hope to totally
resolve the insomnia problem with more practice. Incidentally, I also find that using the alpha
track of the 515 MP3 just feels good throughout the day while I’m working at the office.”
– H. E., Oklahoma

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Winning With the Right Side of the Brain

Winning With the Right Side of the Brain

by Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D. 

One of the more important goals for peak performance stems from the research reporting that the execution of sports activity involves shutting down the pre-frontal cortex of the brain to allow the motor cortex to work without interruption. This is a direct result of the knowledge that the right side of the brain is for excellence in performance and the left is for analyzing pre-performance. Therefore, the athlete who continually is thinking about what he/she should be doing is doomed to a less that excellent outcome. By shutting off the right side of the brain and assigning the total task to the left hemisphere the outcome is less than desired. To insure a winning performance mental pre-swim rehearsal is vital. By notifying the brain that certain approaches are to be used the need for analysis in nil. The brain can then focus its direct attention to the swimming itself, by passing the left brain and prefrontal cortex thus adding greatly to the “freedom” of the brain to perform. This skill of redirecting the brain to develop better focus requires a definite learning curve.


Redirecting attention has a definite step-by-step progression. From the frenzy of the meet and the anxious feelings that can accompany it, to a state of being in the “now” or the present, calm, engaged and ready to swim. Immediately after a race the ability to redirect attention is a skill to be learned. It becomes highly important to push yourself into the “NOW” forgetting what was just completed and attend to what is now. One approach to redirect attention for better focus involves looking forward to the next swim. Not thinking about your stroke, who is in the next lane or breathing. Shutting down the prefrontal cortex of the brain by becoming input directed establishes a structure for the brain that involves the motor cortex and allows the motor memory to use all learned previously. When you state a specific goal for your upcoming swim your brain will switch from the emotional limbic system to the goal directed motor memory of the motor cortex putting to work all the practice sessions and hours of work. This approach will “pay off”.

To establish a pre-swim routine you must stimulate your mind by:

1.      Calculate consciously your goals for the present swim. This will signal your pre-frontal cortex that information is coming in to be used soon

2.      By connecting your motor memory with your goals you control your muscles

3.      Quieting any reflex involving “fear paralysis” will support your motor cortex concerning the upcoming swim

4.      These actions will allow you to enter a peaceful state for the coming event

The brain is ready for any challenge. It is sometimes sabotaged by negative thinking, fear and doubt. Using definite structure approaches to peak performance will help you build confidence in your swim. Peak performance requires attention, motivation, practice and self-confidence. Enhance your focus-attention by listing exactly the goals you have set. List exactly what you need to do to reach them, test your abilities, remember the strengths and focusing on improving them.

Visit the Chrishaven Foundation


Copyright: Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D., Scottsdale, AZ., July 2012. All rights reserved.

Binaural Beats Explained – How They Are Created And How We Perceive Them

We are all aware that an unborn child is capable of hearing. Our sense of hearing begins long before our sense of vision. As such, sound becomes a powerful form of stimulation for achieving desired brainwave states. Sound stimulation can come in many different forms. Some of the most common include: surf or pulsed white noise, pulsed tone, white noise and tone combined, pulsed chord, binaural beats, dual binaural beats and white noise with either binaural beats or dual binaural beats.

Nearly all light and sound instruments are capable of generating white noise. You know that fuzzy sound your television makes when you are between channels? Or the sound rushing water makes as it flows by you? That’s what pulsed white noise sounds like. Pulsed tone is just like white noise except a pitch is utilized. Your light and sound instrument should have the ability to let you adjust the pitch.

Combining pulsed tone to pulsed white noise is often used in “entertainment” sessions for creating special sound effects. A pulsed chord is basically the combination of two pulsed tones that are set apart at musical intervals.

A binaural beat is the combination of two audio frequencies or tones. One tone is directed to the left ear while the other tone is directed to the right ear. Say the left ear is receiving a tone of 180Hz and the right ear is receiving a tone of 190Hz. What the brain actually “hears” is 10Hz, which is the difference between the two and is known as the offset frequency. Dual binaural beats are created simply by combining two totally independent binaural beats. The resulting four channels of audio beats work together to generate several offset frequencies. The resulting frequency variations are very dynamic and complex, and have become the ideal method for maximizing brainwave entrainment. In fact, dual binaural beats are so effective that listeners can utilize stereo speakers rather than headphones and still receive the full effect. White noise is sometimes combined with either binaural beats or dual binaural beats. This method is limited, however, to session designs targeting relaxation and meditative states.

Phase settings for pulsed tone and white noise are connected to the light settings. By combining sound with light, you can utilize eight different phase settings: in phase, out phase, cross phase, sound out phase with lights in phase, sound in phase with
lights out phase, clockwise motion, counterclockwise motion and front/back phase. All phase settings are rather self-explanatory and are described in more detail in the owners manual of your light and sound instrument. Phase settings with dual binaural beats
involves a little math and some experimenting. For information on creating sessions utilizing binaural and dual binaural beats, see “Mind States / An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology” by Michael Landgraf of

Left Channel On / Right Channel On


Standard In-Phase

Left Channel On / Right Channel Off


Standard Out-Phase

Left Light On / Right Light Off Left Light Off / Right Light On

Left Sound Off / Right Sound On Left Sound On / Right Sound Off



Cross Phase Light and Sound Stimulation

Both Light Channels On Both Light Channels On

Left Sound On / Right Sound Off Left Sound Off / Right Sound On



Sound Alternating with In-Phase Light Stimulation

Left Light On / Right Light Off Left Light Off / Right Light On

Both Sound Channels On Both Sound Channels On



Sound In-Phase with Alternating Light Stimulation



Clockwise Light & Sound Stimulation 1=On O=Off



Counterclockwise Light & Sound Stimulation 1=On O=Off



Front / Back Light & Sound Stimulation


SOUND / A New Medicine for the Millennium: Part Two

SOUND / A New Medicine for the Millennium:  Part Two

by Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson

Entrain your brain.

Brainwave Entrainment is part of a larger biological function called “Biological Sympathetic Oscillation”. Our biological “clock” sets itself to external cosmic events; day length cycles, full moon cycles and seasonal cycles to name a few. The body will set itself to the most powerful external pulse cycle it is exposed to. In this case we can create powerful sound frequencies pulsing at exact brainwave speeds and cause the brainwaves to alter themselves to match the sound frequencies – that is, entrain themselves, to the sound pulses thereby altering one’s state of consciousness.

We know from many research endeavors that certain deeply relaxed states of consciousness are associated with specific brainwave patterns on an EEG brain monitor. We also know that with brainwave entrainment we can cause brainwaves to sympathetically “lock on” to an external sound-pulse at a brainwave speed. This gives us the tools to gently guide brainwave function and states of consciousness into deeply relaxed and balanced states.

On all the soundtracks I have mentioned, all of the pulse frequencies are built into every sound you hear, including each instrument sound, voice sound, nature sound and NASA space sound on the recording. The frequencies used mostly are low Alpha and Theta brain frequencies. The brain states associated with these frequencies are peaceful relaxation, heightened visualization / images, problem solving, insight and intense creativity.

When I compose and create these musical soundtracks, the brainwave entrainment pulses built into the instrument sounds entrain my own brainwaves and state of consciousness into a state of intense creativity—that’s where the music on the CD’s is coming from.

Certain types of sound and music have a proven effect in creating states of relaxation, balance, healing and visualization. Generally these include certain types of lyrical, Flowing melodies and chord arrangements. Certain chord arrangements can create an atmosphere of peace, mystery, awe and openess.

In a clinical therapeutic setting, I usually have my patients lying on the sound therapy table (which has low frequency transducers underneath in a right / left stereo configuration), with headphones on and with light glasses from the Synetic Systems Orion l/s machine. The Orion is set to “Color Pulse” which allows the music to drive the lights directly.

Now we have:

1). The special body balancing / healing tones recorded in the person’s own voice, slowed by precise octaves for a low vibrational experience through the table.

2). Brainwave Entrainment Binaural Beats within the harmonics of this voice recording coming through the headphones, sound table and eye glasses as light pulses driven by the voice-tone.

3). The headphones cause a synchronicity of the electrical activity of the right / left temporal lobes of the brain (hearing processing centers), the sound table frequencies cause a synchronicity of the right / left brainstem areas (vibration sense processing centers) and the eye glasses driven by the same sounds cause a synchronicity of the right / left occipital areas of the cortex (visual processing centers). In addition, there is a default synchronicity of the cortex / brainstem since these centers are processing simultaneous information.

4). There is also a synchronicity of the visual / auditory / kinesthetic perceptual modes in the nervous system. These are the three major perceptual methods the body uses to perceive reality and balancing them causes core changes in the way the brain and body function.


A pioneer in acoustic vibration research, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson uses the latest developments in the science and technology of mind / body balancing, combined with a new understanding of the nature of ancient practices in the art of healing and integrating mind, body and consciousness.

In his private practice, Dr. Thompson brings together high-tech sound therapy, biomagnetics, musculo-skeletal balancing and nutritional counseling in a state-of-the-art approach to healing.

Dr. Thompson’s groundbreaking work with sound has gained him international recognition. His search for primordial sounds and vibrations led to NASA’s interest in his work. He currently has over 60 audio tapes and compact disks for resonating brainwaves and expanding consciousness distributed in 26 countries around the world. His work is sold through Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Best Buy, Sam Goody’s, Tower Records, and a host of catalogs.

Dr. Thompson teaches Master’s degree and Ph.D. level courses in Behavioral Psychoacoustics and Neuroacoustic Therapy for the Clinical Psychology Program at the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, California. This is also where he has his private practice, research lab and faculty offices. Dr. Thompson has worked with Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and representatives from NASA. His work has also been part of a project at the Neuropsychiatry Division of UCLA for heroin withdrawal and funded by congress through the CSCAT program (Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies) at the University of Virginia Medical Center. His Sleep CD’s have been researched at the Royal Ottawa Hospital Sleep Research Center and he is presently being funded for researching the effects of sound in healing by the National Institute for Healing through Scripps Hospital in San Diego, California.

You can contact Dr. Thompson at: The Center for Neuroacoustic Research, California Institute of Human Science, 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA, 92024. Phone: 760/942- 6749. Fax: 760/942-6768. Email: Web sites: /

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SOUND / A New Medicine for the Millennium Part One


SOUND / A New Medicine for the Millennium


by Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson


Human beings have been using sound to access deeper states of consciousness, expand awareness and heal the body for thousands of years. Using Chanting, toning, Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese meditation gongs, and mantras, are just a few examples of this use of sound.

Today, with highly sophisticated technological equipment, we can not only observe the functioning of the body and the brain in unprecedented detail, but also measure the changes that take place in the mind and body in different states of consciousness and different states of health.

Research projects in major universities across the country have explored the neurophysiology of meditation, deep relaxation states and mind/body interactions during healing. In one study a simple relaxation technique used for 20 minutes a day caused profound changes in blood pressure, stress handling ability, immune response and feelings of well being – never mind using any kind of high-tech approach which could bring consciousness to very deep levels of relaxation. Using this technology as a daily tool for mind/body integration and stress reduction can have many positive benefits.

Present technology allows us to affect the body/mind in two parallel ways:

1. Healing the body with physical resonance using sound frequency vibrations.

2. Changing states of consciousness using sound with sympathetic resonance of brainwave function – Brainwave Entrainment.

Physical resonance is like making a wine glass vibrate with the correct sound frequency. In this case, we can resonate different parts of the body with sound for healing. My first attempts with this were chiropractic spinal adjustments using sound. Each vertebra is a different size, density, and mass and, just like a wineglass, can be resonated with the correct sound. This causes the vertebra to vibrate back into position using only sound waves. Similarly, cranial bones and cerebro-spinal fluid can be influenced with sound resonance. Each organ is a different size, density and mass for each person and also has a fundamental frequency, which causes a balancing of the cellular function. These changes can be seen on a blood chemistry-screening test.

The brain itself is an organ. This organ also has a unique size, density and mass. What would the effect be of exposing the brain to its own fundamental frequency vibration pattern? A normalizing of its function as an organ, just as any other organ would respond. Since the brain’s function is to coordinate and direct the function of all the other systems, we should see a global balancing of all the body’s systems at the moment the brain is exposed to it’s own single fundamental sound frequency.

Using sound, it is possible to make profound changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousness, observable on brainwave mapping equipment (EEG), as well as positive changes in the body measurable with blood tests, biofeedback equipment and other sophisticated procedures.

BIO-TUNING – Using the sound of your own voice to facilitate self-healing.

This process, which I called ‘Bio-tuning’, became the object of my full-time research after I moved from my Holistic Health Center in Virginia and established the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in San Diego, California in 1988.

With modern electronic equipment, we can test with frequencies accurate to 1/100th division of sharp or flat between two notes on the piano. To raise the accuracy and effect to a higher level, we must use a person’s own voice singing this fundamental note which causes a healing / balancing effect in the body. This releases a unique set of harmonics and overtones, which only your own vocal cords can produce – a voice vibration fingerprint. This is an exact pattern match of your essential vibratory template – the one your “Biological Organic Intelligence” used in the first place to form your body from two cells and then to maintain it moment by moment thereafter.

There is also a profound sense of recognition by the deep subconscious of the vibration frequencies of your own voice. We then use this voice – tone frequency, sounding the exact tone for balancing and healing, through a special sound-therapy table. This table has speakers built into it, so that you become the sound itself. It becomes difficult to distinguish where the body ends and the sound begins. There is a sense of melting into the vibration of your own sound and your own voice.

To me, this is what the Mantra really was. You go to the great master who sees that the entire world is vibratory patterns. He sees that you are a unique vibratory pattern in the universe. He sings the acoustic octave of this sound to you, you sing it back until you know it and memorize it, then you go off and meditate and chant this sound to yourself – resonate yourself from the inside out and balance yourself right down to the core of your consciousness.

The imbalances I may experience physically, emotionally, or mentally are external projections of the only real imbalance that can exist – in consciousness itself. Reaching this place and coming into balance – me with my Self – is the only way I can heal the real cause of my pain and suffering.

Sound frequency patterns built into music cause positive changes in brainwave function. In a series of recordings based on these principles I have used sound frequency patterns built into the music that have been shown clinically to cause positive changes in consciousness and brainwave function.

By precisely altering the sound signals in the right and left ears, a “frequency modulated pulse” appears which causes a sympathetic response in the brain. This leads to coordination of right / left brainwave activity and a general slowing of brainwave activity, which is associated with deep relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, insight and problem solving. This phenomenon is called “brainwave entrainment”.

A good part of the stress we all experience in the twentieth century is due to the advancements of our own technology. This same technology, combined with our traditional techniques for healing and achieving balance, may help neutralize the stress we have created.

In this series of recordings I have used three coordinated methods for bringing the mind / body into a state of deep relaxation and balance; “Primordial Sounds”, “Brainwave Entrainment” and “Multi-layered Music” recorded in 3D.

Many of the sounds heard on these recordings are sounds you don’t even notice. Certain sounds have the power to awaken deep levels of recognition in the subconscious mind. I call these sounds “Primordial Sounds”, – ie., sounds that are primordially recognizable to the subconscious mind, regardless of race, sex or language.

“Primordial Sounds” awaken our organic / biological intelligence.

Our first sensory experience in life as a fetus in the womb is of sound and vibration. We float in body temperature amniotic fluid – weight-less. We have fluid in our nose and mouth, which eliminates the senses of smell and taste. We have our eyes closed and are in the dark – no sense of sight. We have fluid in our ears pressed right up against the eardrum – but sound travels through water five times more effectively than through air, therefore our sense of hearing is actually amplified. The symphony of sound patterns we experience at this time will be deeply embedded in our subconscious mind for the rest of our lives – the sound of water swishing, arterial pulse sounds and voices. These are our first experiences of “Primordial Sounds”.

Recordings of these types of sounds form some of the “primordial sounds” heard on these recordings. Each of these sounds is intentionally altered and disguised by slowing them down and speeding them up. By changing the speed of these sounds we can side-step the rational / thinking mind, which will no longer recognize the sounds, and tap into the subconscious directly, with sounds it deeply recognizes and responds to. In one sense, the organic / biological intelligence, the same intelligence that grew our entire body out of two cells, will certainly be awakened with a recognition of sounds recorded from this body.

Experiments with sound have led to some startling revelations.

An interesting thing happens when recordings of people speaking are speeded up and slowed down. If these recordings are doubled in speed three times (raising the pitch by three octaves), human speech patterns sound remarkably like birds chirping. When raised in speed by eight octaves, these recordings sound just like crickets chirping. Slowed down from normal speed by three octaves they sound like dolphins and at eight octaves slowed down, sound like the ebb and flow of the ocean.

It’s interesting that recordings from the human voice should sound like nature sounds. What happens if we take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like birds chirping. Bird sounds slowed down sound like dolphins, and dolphin sounds slowed down sound like people singing.

The famous psychiatrist, Karl Jung, would have been pleased – this seems to fall directly in line with his theory of the “collective unconscious“. A level of the unconscious mind deeper than our personal unconscious shared by us all, populated with universal archetypal images (“primordially recognizable” images, just as these sounds seem to be “primordially recognizable” sounds). The collective unconscious in this sense would be access to my larger body / mind, the planetary level of my collective unconscious, which knows how to “grow” a planetary ecosystem of which my personal body is just a part. It’s almost as if the whole universe is one organic being with many parts all designed from variations of the same blueprint.

Awakening the various levels of the subconscious mind.

In 1989 I came in contact with an aerospace engineer with sound recordings from the Voyager spacecraft. These recordings were taken as Voyager passed by the outer planets of our Solar System – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

These NASA recordings from outer space, which were of charges electromagnetic particles (ions) in the magnetic fields of planets vibrating within the range of human hearing, sounded remarkably like ocean sounds, dolphins, choirs of voices singing, crickets and birds. There are also other sounds too strange to identify, but which seem very familiar. Interestingly enough, the rings of Uranus produce sounds like Tibetan bowl recordings that have been slowed to reflect their subtle harmonics. Could this be a deeper, vaster level of the collective unconscious mind which knows how to “grow” a planetary solar system of which Earth is just a part – and which my body grows out of?

Could these sounds be recognizable at a deeper level of the “collective unconscious”?

It is these three classes of sound (“Primordial Sounds”, “Brainwave Entrainment” and “multi- layered music”) that are embedded in the sound track of some of these recordings to awaken the various levels of the subconscious mind.

It is at this inner level of ourselves that our bodies are self-organized from two cells by the same inner system from which the daily functions of our body are coordinated and directed. It is from here that the knowledge of our problems and the answers and solutions to them reside.

This is what I mean by the use of “Primordial Sounds” to access a deep level of ourselves for healing, relaxation and balance. These sounds are mixed into the soundtracks I’ve recorded in such a way that they can be heard but not necessarily recognized for what they are by the rational-thinking mind. Some of the nature sounds on these recordings are actually space-sound recordings or human body sounds.

 (End of Part One)

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Binaural Beats For Audience Brainwave Entrainment The Next BIG BROTHER Technology

“Could Binaural Beats be the next Big Brother technology for public brainwave entrainment?”

Why is it so few people realize the potential of binaural beat audio frequency stimulation in a public environment? Entraining the brainwaves of an entire audience via specially designed audio frequencies happens – and the conscious mind can be totally unaware.  As you consider this for even a moment you will quickly realize that it is already happening all around you in the shadows.  Is this a Big Brother technology?  Well, certainly it has been used by big business and various government agencies for quite some time now…

binaural beat brainwave

Big Brother’s binaural beat brainwave Entrainment?

Consider television. Big Brother loves television. Take certain commercials for example. Besides all the dialog, products plastered across the screen and how easy it is to buy the product, have you ever heard something else… a tone perhaps? Thankfully the television industry appears 9 lightyears behind successful brainwave entrainment. Influence our mood? Yes, that’s possible. But actually incorporate a variation of binaural beat brainwave entrainment frequencies? They obviously don’t know how to do it properly. We have heard them try. But what if they figure it out?

That’s a mass media example. What about on a more local level? For instance, on three different occasions attorneys have inquired as to the possibility or even validity that targeted binaural beats are affecting their clients. 3 different attorneys from different regions, none aware of the other’s case, asking the same thing. Their clients state that they are being affected by unwanted pulsed audio brainwave beats and it is affecting their mental and emotional coping skills. Here’s where it gets interesting. Two claim that the perpetrators of these brainwave entrainment beats live a few blocks away, the other over a mile. No one living directly between the purported prepetrator of these alledged transmissions of entrainment and the targeted recipient are affected. Now, how can someone generate entraining beats and have them disappear until reaching the targeted home? Mind you the attorneys stated there are no hidden speakers or tech tools that could receive such frequencies in any area of their clients home. The first two inquiries were met with sympathy for their client and a personal attempt to gain an understanding of just what the heck they could possibly be thinking. But the attorneys were more concerned with an answer that would benefit their clients and less interested in helping me understand just how foolhardy they are for representing clients that come up with stuff like that. The last attorney, after hearing their speal, left no choice but to be recommended an idiotic solution to their idiotic questions… it was suggested their client consider wearing a metal helmet. As flippant the response to that ridiculous inquiry appears, it is also difficult to describe to these attorneys  just how such a phenomenon can’t really work. But then again, what if there really are a handful of individuals that can?  Other attorneys have inquired about the use of brainwave entrainment technology during depositions.  Attorneys certainly like to make adversaries nervous and this can absolutely be accomplished using audio brainwave entrainment.  So, if you are deposed some day and start feeling nervous for no apparent reason – LISTEN for the near silent audio tones that might be binaural beats directed at you. Of course, these inquiries go well beyond attorneys, but there are some things we are just not willing to talk about in specific detail for reasons which, by now you realize are quite obvious.

If the use of binaural beats for public brainwave entrainment begins to attract even more elements of  Big Brotherhood, wouldn’t it be beneficial for all of us to know?

Conversely, if binaural beats for brainwave entrainment can in reality be positive, for personal and room-size use, wouldn’t you like to take advantage of this technology?

binaural beats

binaural beats = Mind Control for the masses?

Consider the high stress responsibilities of 911 operators and police officers. Many use binaural beat entrainment frequencies to become calm and focused. Retail outlets, albeit far less stressful, found such ‘Big Brother’ technology, when placed in the employee work area, resulted in the tedious paperwork requirements being done more quickly and correctly, not to mention an uptick in employee harmony.  Even teachers have observed an increase in classroom atttentiveness. And then there are the reception rooms where people have an appointment, rush to arrive on time, have to wait in the reception area, and try to clear their minds of the traffic and everything else that happened that day and try to relax and focus on why they’ve come to their appointment. A relaxing binaural beat entrainment session pulsing no louder than the turning of blades in a fan makes that transition smoother. These are only 4 examples of how public brainwave entrainment can be a benefit rather than a detriment.

Yes, the above represents a very small sample of the general population. Still, binaural beat entrainment is available to everyone and the technology is inexpensive. When the public becomes aware of the advantages and incorporates brainwave entrainment for specific personal needs, then any type of Big Brother monopoly should be negated. People would be wise to know the positives of binaural beat technology and be aware of any potential sinister use, while at the same time be reaping the rewards of applying binaural beat entrainment for their own particular needs.

The book “Mind States / An Introduction to Light & Sound Technology” goes deeper into these topics, as do various articles in the AVS Journal. MP3 downloads and Mindmachines are actual delivery systems designed for experiencing binaural beat brainwave entrainment.

Now is a good time to learn more about audio beat entrainment, become aware of the potential, and to realize Big Brother would probably frown on everyone knowing about this unobtrusive aspect of mind control.  Brainwave entrainment has the capacity to free minds or imprison them, therefore it is in all of our best interests to be aware of this technology and concentrate on using it in beneficial ways.  Also, the more you understand about binaural beat technology the more you will recognize it being secretly implemented in unexpected public places and media by good old Big Brother.