Light, Sound and the 515 MP3: “Not Just Another Sleep Aid” 

Virtual 515 MP3

“My wife has had a severe insomnia problem for about 7 years. We’ve tried everything:herbs, light therapy, over-the-counter sleeping aids, melatonin, and a lot more. We’ve read experts’

books on what causes insomnia, and we’ve followed the guidelines for trying to resolve
it. My wife is a very light sleeper, and once she awakens in the middle of the night has serious
difficulty getting back to sleep.
At your suggestion we purchased a light and sound instrument and also the 
515 MP3. We’ve had

more success than with anything else we’ve used in the past. Sometimes its difficult to find the
right frequency to help her get to sleep, but we nearly always succeed, and sometimes in a very
short time period. I’ve done some novice programming of my own and have found that a 3-
minute ramp from low beta to the delta-theta range with a 2 Hz offset works very well. We’ve
also had success with the delta track on the 515 MP3, and with several of the programmed sessions
in our light and sound instrument.
We appreciate your help and recommendation to use these tools, with which we hope to totally
resolve the insomnia problem with more practice. Incidentally, I also find that using the alpha
track of the 515 MP3 just feels good throughout the day while I’m working at the office.”
– H. E., Oklahoma

AVS Journal 4.3