Worry and anxiety increase your risk of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) flare-ups and doctors believe stress may even contribute to the development of the disease.

Relaxation techniques can work along with treatment to relieve pain and restore motion. Ask your doctor about visualization exercises, or use a light and sound mind machine that produces brainwave frequency entrainment.


Mind machines enable you to relax without effort. The best mind machine for RA sufferers is the DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive, Inc. Within just a few minutes your mind begins to mimic the brainwave frequencies of the Delight Pro, your breathing becomes rhythmic, you physically feel relief and your mind is in a completely relaxed Alpha brainwave state of consciousness.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES

I know. I have RA. And here I am typing. Yes I have pain, but my DAVID Delight Pro helps me cope. Less worry, less pain, better attitude. Try the Delight Pro mind machine and see for yourself!

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