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Audio-Visual Entrainment and Diffuse Axonal Injuries


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Audio-Visual Entrainment and Diffuse Axonal Injuries

By Dave Siever, C.E.T.

Dave Siever is the President of Mind Alive, Inc. and creator / manufacturer of the Delight and Alert series of audio-visual entrainment mind machine models.


Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a technique using flashes of lights into the eyes and pulses of tones into the ears at specific frequencies. The frequency of the lights and tones used are in the brainwave frequency range from .5 to 40 Hz. AVE is one of the most intriguing stimulation technologies as AVE devices have been shown to influence, in varying degrees, brain activity by a myriad of influences, not simply frequency driving. As a result of these other effects, we could ponder if we should simply rename the technique as audio-visual stimulation (AVS). Our senses are constantly bombarded by AVS. Consider watching TV or sitting on a street corner watching the traffic. These activities consist of abundant quantities of AVS, yet they don’t have much of an impact on the brain. For instance, when AVE is randomized at ± 1 Hz (for example, 10 Hz would randomize from 9 to 11 Hz), entrainment is reported to provide a significant clinical impact, at ± 2 Hz, the clinical effect is poor and at ± 3 Hz, the clinical effect is all but lost. So it appears that the myriad of effects from AVS only occur when the stimulation is kept fairly rhythmic and therefore entraining, hence AVE. For this reasoning, we will use the term AVE throughout this article. Because AVE affects such a diverse range of neurological processes, it has applications spanning from simple meditation and boosting cognition to the treatment of complex issues such as depression, pain and diffuse axonal injuries (the most common type of brain injury). But first, let’s understand the physiology of AVE.

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When looking at the prospect of entering a new market that you think could benefit from the products you offer seems like an excellent idea but wondering HOW you can gain access inhibits you from trying, there is a visualization method you can employ by using the DAVID Delight Plus or DAVID Delight Pro light and sound mindmachines by Mindalive that just may hold the answer.


Both the Delight Plus and Delight Pro mindmachines, also referred to as brain machines, dream machines or psychowalkmans, contain visualization sessions targeting the theta brainwave frequency state of consciousness. When experiencing a theta session, your mind is gently guided into theta with absolutely no conscious effort whatsoever. You just sit back, close your eyes and relax. The soft pulsing of the lights and binaural audio beats do all the work.


And the method is simple. Do one 30 minute theta brainwave session once a day for five consecutive days then set aside your mind machine. In two days the HOW should be realized. It’s like the idea was always there, and entering the new market was already in your mind, but you just did not recognize it due to mind fog, brain chatter, anxiety or whatever.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

This method is what I used to enter several new markets, ranging from medical professionals, athletes, law enforcement agencies and academics. I employ this method often, and being a business owner for over 25 years can testify to the fact this visualization method of using mindmachines can increase public awareness of who you are and the products you offer.

The result… increased sales.


Copyright: (2016) CA. All rights reserved.


About MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s

About MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s:


MindMachines Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s are mind-interacting audio sessions for helping you achieve your personal goals, be it a change in habitual behavior or seeking to improve your mental, emotional and physical levels of performance.

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Each title is accompanied by a complete session description. All sessions are designed by Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf. Mr. Oliver is well-known for his contributions in mind-entrainment session design, and in collaboration with Mr. Landgraf, created sessions for several mind machine manufacturers including brainwave frequency sessions for the Bluetooth MindLightz (the only mind entrainment system licensed by Apple®).

515 image

The science behind our Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation MP3s: mind-interacting audio sessions enable brainwave entrainment to occur, creating what professionals in the medical community refer to as the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Through the use of stereo headphones, your mind is gently guided into specific states of awareness. Each audio beat and pulse is a specific frequency. Our minds “think” in terms of frequency. Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain, be it by hearing, touch, smell, vision and/or taste. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmits that information to the brain via electrical signals. Hearing is known to be a favorable sense for affecting brainwaves safely and effectively.

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By presenting these audio beats and pulses to the brain, within a few short minutes, the brain begins to mimic or follow the same frequencies as the stimuli (the audio beats and pulses). This process is referred to as entrainment. In essence, our MP3s speak to the mind in it’s own language- the language of frequency.

Classic Pranayama

The mind-interacting beats and pulses of these audio sessions provide a focus for the brain. This focus safely quells any internal dialogue or “brain chatter”, and enables the listener to reach more quickly and effectively the optimum state of mind targeted for meeting your personal goal, such as: losing weight, stop smoking, going to sleep or meditating.


With entraining beats and pulses to gently lead you to the brainwave state best targeted for your specific purpose, combined with multi-layered sounds for enhancing your session experience, you will find yourself experiencing a profound sense of inner-peace.


The result? You are in the right frame of mind to accept positive change.


LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator

LoopLogic Hz Dual Independent Binaural Beat MP3 Session Generator


LoopLogic Hz is now an instant download MP3 file set broken into Gamma, High Beta, Beta, SMR, Alpha, Theta and Delta audio brainwave frequency categories. Each of the 37 tracks represent one hertz within each category and is created with dual independent binaural beat frequencies. Simply add these frequency tracks to your MP3 Player or playlist and program your playlist to create custom brainwave entrainment sessions.

Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf developed these 515 LoopLogic MP3 tracks for targeting specific frequencies within all brainwave states enabling you to create personally designed sessions for use with eeg/neurofeedback training, incorporating into music, entraining audiences during presentations, physical workouts, meditation or for just making a good thing better. Applying these sessions have endless beneficial possibilities so use your imagination! Imagine combining these one hertz tracks as a sleep aid or for relaxation or adding to your learning, memory or creative skills!

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The 515 LoopLogic Hz has a total of 37 different one hertz incremental tracks allowing you to pick and choose sessions that meet your exact specific needs. No overlap into adjoining frequencies, just straight two minute long single frequencies in 16-bit sound for you to use in intervals of your choice. You have complete entrainment control.

LoopLogic refers to programming your MP3 player. To increase the length of any track/hertz in 2 minute intervals, simply press the repeat button on your MP3 player. Or you can choose a variety of tracks/hertz for creating dual independent binaural beat audio sessions.

The 515 LoopLogic is the perfect companion for EEG Neurofeedback training. It has been observed that when combining specific tracks/hertz of the 515 LoopLogic with EEG/neurofeedback training, the participant’s ability to achieve the targeted brainwave state is enhanced, enabling the therapist to maximize each client’s neurofeedback training session.

Whether you are a therapist, session designer or mind explorer, the dual binaural beats of the 515 LoopLogic will take you, your listeners or your clients to the exact brainwave state you select.

LoopLogic has been created by Michael Landgraf and Christopher Oliver for and is only available from our website:





Relajacion MP3

Relajacion is a two session downloadable MP3 that is 53 minutes in length. Spoken in Spanish by Miguel Villalobos, this MP3 gently guides listeners into alpha, theta and alpha/theta states using binaural beat audio frequencies and spoken word.












Relajacion: 22 minutos

Tecnica De Relajacion Total: 30 Minutos


Extreme Relaxation MP3

Extreme Relaxation MP3 is a free 8:30 minute excursion into music, sound effects and words about light and sound mind machines. You’ll visit the beta, alpha and theta brainwave frequency states while hearing what brainwave entrainment does for your mind. So plug in your earbuds and enjoy the ride…


Copyright: Words and music by (2015) TX. All rights reserved.




Having more things to do in a day than you have time to do them can be a major source of stress and irritability. Your entire schedule can have a cascading snowball effect… you begin to get upset with yourself because you are making mistakes, friends back away because those mistakes are causing you to get mad, your brain is chattering away and won’t stop, you begin to lose sleep at night and the whole mess starts up all over again the next morning. You become depressed, down on yourself, short with others and everything suffers. Most of us just can’t multi-task, and those that do are just kidding themselves that they can do several things simultaneously and think everything will come out just as good as when that take on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is not more productive!


So what do you do? Things still need to get done. Well, you can learn to prioritize, learn to delegate or learn to say “NO”. Those are much better than having a heart attack or stroke.


Start by looking in the mirror and telling yourself you need to change. Try smiling while you are standing there, you may surprise yourself. Then get to work fixing your mess. Its really quite simple.


Then set aside twenty minutes during the day for ‘me time’. Don’t be negative! One errand or chore or responsibility can wait for twenty minutes. During that time use a light and sound mind machine, also referred to as a brain machine or psychowalkman. Select a twenty minute session in beta or alpha or theta, or before sleep select a delta brainwave session. You don’t have to do this every day, but please, do it frequently – for yourself.

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

In less than a month you will realize you have less stress, less irritability, are sleeping better and all those things are still being accomplished.


DAVID Delight Plus

So learn to relax. It could add years to your hectic life!



What are mind machines good for?

What are mind machines good for?


Mind machines are good for lifting people’s spirits.

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

Sessions in beta brainwaves help you get projects accomplished, making you feel good.

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Mindplace Kasina Light & Sound Mind Machine

Sessions in alpha brainwaves relaxes you, giving you a clear mind.


Sessions in theta brainwaves entices your creativity and boosts your memory, which makes you happy.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

Sessions in delta brainwaves guide you to deep, long-lasting sleep, which is always appreciated.


Mind machines are like organic vitamins, strengthening and exercising your brain, making you feel better about yourself.

Copyright: (CA) 2015. All rights reserved.


Tru-View Omniscreen Multi-Color Eyeset by Mind Alive, Inc.

Tru-View Omniscreen Multi-Color Eyeset by Mind Alive, Inc.


Multicolor EyesetsThe most experienced light and sound mind machine users choose Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Multi-Color Eyesets by Mind Alive.


Mind Alive’s unique patented Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets are designed to provide you with the most effective and safe light and sound experience. These Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets are made to allow for the left and right visual fields of each eye to be individually stimulated rather than the entire eye. Tru-Vu eyesets use eight blue-tinted white, wide angle LEDs mounted over a silver reflector hidden behind a translucent screen which disperses the light stimulation evenly and protects your eyes from the LEDs.  These LEDs are extremely efficient and last for over 100,000 hours.  Because they draw so little power, they also allow for longer battery use.


OmniscreenTM Eyesets are comfortable and built to last! They are made from sturdy, high quality sunglasses. The LEDs are protected and securely fastened behind the screen layer. This makes the OmniscreenTM Eyeset very popular with parents using DAVID Delight models with their children.  Also, the cord is detachable from the eyeset, reducing the risk of damage to the cord.



truvupicEnhance your AVE experience with the benefits of color therapy with Mind Alive’s multi-color eyeset featuring: blue, cyan, green, yellow, red and magenta, with ability to select separate colors for each left and right visual field and for random color selection:

Blue – Calming and relaxing

Cyan – Shown to reduce risk of seizure

Green – Effective for pain reduction and meditation

Yellow – Improve cognition and focus

Red – Increase physical arousal and energy

Magenta – Best for contemplative meditation and enhancing creativity

Selecting which color or colors you wish to experience during a mind machine session is very easy. As the two pictures illustrate, all you have to do is lightly press each lens near the eyeset bridge with your thumb and index finger.

photo 1[3] photo 2[3]







Once you try these multi-color eyesets by Mind Alive you will never go back to the technologically outdated lightframes still offered by other light and sound mind machine manufacturers.



Competitive Sports & Physical Fitness: Accessing Your Zone

Competitive Sports & Physical Fitness: Accessing Your Zone


Take a moment to remember the last time you were perfect during athletic competition. Running was like gliding, scoring felt natural, your mind and body were in total sync. Excelling without effort. That’s being in the moment. All of your thoughts were completely focused. You were in your zone, competing at your highest level.


The problem for many athletes is being able to achieve ‘being in the zone’ consistently. It’s not a mystery it is a state of mind. Call it ‘brainwave focus training’ and add it to your regular practice routine.


Brainwave focus training is easy, and part of it involves visualization. All it takes is a little quiet time, about 20 minutes, a little imagination and a mind machine. This mental training is a mind exercise used by pre-Olympians, Olympians and professional athletes for visualizing perfect performances.

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

Bluetooth mindLightz for Apple devices

This is only one of the exercises successful athletes use as part of their brainwave focus training. Articles written by Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer offer excellent insight on brainwave focus training and can be found by scrolling down the Sports category located towards the bottom of all pages at


DAVID Delight Plus