When looking at the prospect of entering a new market that you think could benefit from the products you offer seems like an excellent idea but wondering HOW you can gain access inhibits you from trying, there is a visualization method you can employ by using the DAVID Delight Plus or DAVID Delight Pro light and sound mindmachines by Mindalive that just may hold the answer.


Both the Delight Plus and Delight Pro mindmachines, also referred to as brain machines, dream machines or psychowalkmans, contain visualization sessions targeting the theta brainwave frequency state of consciousness. When experiencing a theta session, your mind is gently guided into theta with absolutely no conscious effort whatsoever. You just sit back, close your eyes and relax. The soft pulsing of the lights and binaural audio beats do all the work.


And the method is simple. Do one 30 minute theta brainwave session once a day for five consecutive days then set aside your mind machine. In two days the HOW should be realized. It’s like the idea was always there, and entering the new market was already in your mind, but you just did not recognize it due to mind fog, brain chatter, anxiety or whatever.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

This method is what I used to enter several new markets, ranging from medical professionals, athletes, law enforcement agencies and academics. I employ this method often, and being a business owner for over 25 years can testify to the fact this visualization method of using mindmachines can increase public awareness of who you are and the products you offer.

The result… increased sales.


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