View Holes


Most light and sound brainwave entrainment devices are used with your eyes closed, but there are many situations when having your eyes open during a session can be advantageous. This is when open-eyed lightframes, known as View Holes, come in quite handy.

View Hole lightframes have been around since the mid-90’s and can be used with the DAVID Smart, Delight, Delight Plus, Delight Pro, Alert and Alert Pro mind machines manufactured by Mind Alive, Inc.

Omniscreen Viewholes began selling View Hole lightframes since their first introduction for all kinds of applications. Examples include using them in conjunction with EEG Neurofeedback training, computer work, reading, for meditation, yoga, working out at the gym, in weight rooms, and are surprisingly popular at Raves. I suppose I’m really not that surprised considering what many of my rave-going customers use them for.

What I like about these View Hole lightframes by Mind Alive is how well built they are. There are some really cheap looking open-eye lightframes out there that pale in comparison to the View Holes. View Holes are sturdy with solid construction, have white overlays covering the LEDs that are situated around the periphery of your vision and are made to last, especially with everyday use. And their cost is minimal, only $20 more than the normal closed-eye lightframe variety.

So if you are looking for that extra edge, whether it is for academics, athletics or for accessing deeper states of consciousness during meditation, consider purchasing View Hole lightframes for your mind machine. They offer a whole new experience in light and sound brainwave stimulation.

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