A third of our life is spent sleeping. Like eating, it is crucial to our health and wellbeing. The reason why we need to sleep so much (but seem to never get nearly enough!) has not always been understood.

Sleep improves both our energy level and frame of mind. When we are asleep what is really happening with our brain and body? Research studies have pinpointed several factors that identify what is occurring within our brain and why sleep is crucial for a healthy life.


The brain is quite active while we sleep. Almost as active as when we are awake, judging from neuronal activity measured via EEG / neurofeedback. During sleep the brain performs a number of ‘vital’ neuronal functions which affects our cognitive abilities.


Here are some very good reasons for getting a good night’s sleep: the brain continues to make decisions; the brain generates and compartmentalizes memories; and the brain edits, repairs and establishes new neuronal pathways while clearing out unwanted toxins.


Getting a good night’s sleep is not always possible. Environmental noise, brain chatter, even too much dinner can determine how easy or difficult it will be for falling asleep. This is one very important reason for owning a mind machine.


A mind machine generates pulsed audio and visual frequency stimulation for gently guiding your brain through the relaxed brainwave state of alpha, down through the twilight brainwave state of theta and in to the deep sleep brainwave frequency state of delta.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES


The DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive is the leading mind machine available for the promotion of beneficial R.E.M. sleep. Your thoughts dissipate, your body relaxes, and you awake refreshed. The DAVID Delight Pro is the most effective and beneficial light and sound mind machine made.

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