Moaners ruin hospital stays!


Going into the hospital for an operation causes my blood pressure to rise. A lot. Waking up in the intensive care unit after an operation, I’m struck by the realization that mentally, emotionally and physically I am in shock. My body is whacked, with IV lines in my neck, wrist and back of hand. The ICU nurses say multiple IV lines are necessary in case of emergency. OK. But it sucks.


I gradually become aware of what’s going on around me. Thank goodness for medication! Then I hear it… someone moaning. Constantly. Their moans are not quiet. I press the call button and ask the nurse what’s wrong with the patient making all that noise. Give them some pain medication, help them, do anything to shut them up! I’m told they are medicated, are being taken care of, its just some people are moaners. WTF?


Nurses are incredibly compassionate people. Normally I try to be, but after major surgery that’s not going to happen. Like everyone else stuck in intensive care, I have to listen to that patient’s endless moaning. Its not right, and that’s when it hits me: moaners should be ‘housed’ in their own separate hospital wing so the rest of us can concentrate on our own recuperation and not have to friggin listen to them. Great idea, just never going to happen.


Its then I remember that I packed my mind machine.


My wife comes in, we share our thoughts and concerns, and before she leaves she unpacks my DAVID Delight Pro. We tell my nurse what it is, what I’ll be using it for, and she asks if I brought more than one. I use the Mood Brightener session #2 and feel immediate relief. The headphones block out the moaning, the eyeset blocks out having to look at the IV lines snaking into my body, and I relax into uninterrupted sleep. Not only is my mind machine helping me, but as my nurses later remarked, it helped them, too. I was an easy patient.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine including CES


Tuning out moaners is just one example of why mind machines are so valuable to have when you are in a hospital and are recuperating after surgery. I was hospitalized five days before my surgeon approved my release and I used my Delight Pro multiple times every day. It helped me focus on the things I wanted to concentrate on and cope with the stuff that would otherwise make me anxious.


Every hospital should allow patients access to mind machines. Even moaners.


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