Easy Meditation

photo 2[11]Meditation is easy with the Bluetooth mindLightz by Mindgear. With 83 ready to access light and sound programs, over 2 dozen specifically designed for meditation, the mindLightz Bluetooth mind machine enables you to meditate anywhere: at your office desk or breakroom, in the park or your yard, even while laying in mountain meadows or sandy beaches.

The mindLightz offered by Mindmachines.com comes complete with wireless lightframes and headphones. The lightframes generate over 500 different colors and shades, while the headphones transmit a variety of audio frequencies via binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic and more. And with the Manual Mode function you can change the audio/visual preset modes very easily, even creating your own sessions to match the goals of your meditative needs. An example would be using predominantly blue/violet colors with frequencies in the 0.5 to 3hz range.

The mindLightz by Mindgear is specially made for Apple iDevices and the free App is available at the Apple App Store. With the Bluetooth Color Matrix lightframes and excellent (no crackling!) Bluetooth Headphones adding brainwave entrainment to your meditation sessions can improve the quality of your meditation sessions while simultaneously aiding you in reaching your meditation goals more quickly.


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