Your Brain continues to make decisions during Sleep



The brain processes information and prepares for actions while sleeping, making effective decisions while unconscious. A recent research study published in the journal Current Biology found that our brain processes complex stimuli while we sleep, and then utilizes this information for decision making while awake.


Researchers conducting the study asked participants to categorize spoken words that referred to animals or objects and whether words were real or fake. After hearing the words, participants then categorized them by pressing either left or right buttons. Through progressing, the task became automatic. The research room was darkened, the study continued and the participants were told they could fall asleep.


New words from the same categories were introduced while participants slept. Brain monitoring instruments showed that while sleeping the participant’s brains continued to prepare the motor function to create right and left responses based on the meaning of the words they heard, even though participants had no recollection of the words they heard.


“Not only did they process complex information while being completely asleep, but they did it unconsciously,” researchers Thomas Andrillon and Sid Kouider wrote in the Washington Post. “Our work sheds new light about the brain’s ability to process information while asleep but also while being unconscious.”


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