Waking up early rather than sleeping in

The other day I received an email question that went something like this: “I have a very difficult time waking up early in the day. I have tried getting into a routine but I find it is just not as effective. Previously my habits were as such that I loved sleeping in. However, now I would like to wake up very early and become more productive. However, it seems like my body just is not ready to get up when I want to. How would I use my mind machine to help me with this challenge?”

Stress keeping you from a good night's sleep?

When you start getting up earlier, make time to do an energize/beta session on your Delight Pro. Use the same type of brainwave entrainment session if you have a DAVID Delight Plus by Mindalive or Procyon or Kasina by Mindplace. The light and sound brainwave frequency session doesn’t have to be long, say around 15-20 minutes and you may like binaural beat frequencies the best. This mind machine session is excellent for clearing away sleepiness and the cobwebs making for a great way to start your early mornings. And should you get sleepy in the afternoon, try a quick break light and sound mind machine (also known as brain machine or psychowalkman) session consisting of beta or perhaps high alpha brainwave frequencies.


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