Visualization for Athletes


Advice before beginning…


While you are practicing your visualization skills, your brain is sending minute messages via your nervous system to your muscles. What you are doing is telling your muscles how you want them to perform during competition. Visualization is practicing perfection.


When you can successfully visualize yourself being in your zone, your body will be one step closer to making that a reality.


If you are new to visualizing or imagining take some time to watch a professional athlete in your field. Watching how they move and the energy they expend can help you while visualizing doing the same thing. Also, if you have recently experienced being in your zone or had a near-perfect competitive performance, use those memories so you can feel it happen again in your mind.


Stay in the present when you visualize and keep all negative thoughts out of the experience. To help in achieving a clear mind while practicing your visualization technique is try using a mind machine. The Delight Plus by Mind Alive, Inc. is the most popular mind machine for helping an athlete’s mental preparation for competition. Remember: Be positive. Negative thoughts have no place in visualization.


During a Delight Plus mind machine light and sound session, as you visualize yourself, think to use as many sensory feelings as you can: sight, sound, smell, temperature, color, balance, movement, even weather.


DAVID Delight Plus

In order to fully experience the benefits of visualization, using a mind machine like the Delight Plus is highly recommended.

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