Using Speakers with Your Mindmachine

By Michael Landgraf

In the Spring of 1990 I tried using my mind machine for help in going to sleep. Lots of brain chatter, became quite annoying, so I tried a delta / sleep session. I had no trouble going to sleep, but later I awoke to wires that gave new meaning to the term bed wrinkles. Forget the realization that I still had lightframes and headphones on, the wires were the culprits that woke me. I am a light sleeper and I do appreciate comfort as often as possible, but wearing lightframes and headphones while trying to go to sleep and remain asleep just was not conducive to my comfort zone. And that got me thinking…

Why not put aside the headphones and lightframes? Just connect a pair of computer speakers (like the ones pictured above) to the audio port of my mind machine? I did and it worked. It was a completely non-intrusive experience. Went to sleep, stayed asleep and when I woke up, the mind machine had automatically turned off. I must interject something here, and that is wearing headphones rather than using speakers placed in the corner of my bedroom would have been more effective, and wearing both headphones and lightframes would attain maximum results, but all I wanted was a good night’s sleep, with a little assistance from pulsed audio tones. And with the mind machine and speakers set across the room on a shelf, it was the ideal solution for me.So I began asking others if they had tried this approach. Most of the feedback was describing how one speaker must be placed on one side of the bed and the other directly across from the first. In such a way, the mind can interpret the two distinct channels of frequency, as with headphones.So for example, if Speaker 1 was generating an 8Hz frequency and Speaker 2 was generating a 9Hz frequency, then our minds, because we are situated between the speakers, can interpret the difference between the two frequencies: 1 Hz delta frequency for inducing sleep. One of the neat things about our minds is that they keep surprising us. Forget setting speakers on opposite walls, use small laptop or CD speakers placed next to your mind machine and the mind still hears that 1Hz offset.

Around this time, several of my customers were just starting families. Many tried using pulsed audio tones in their baby’s room to aid in creating a sleep routine. Other couples listened to the tones in their own bedroom. It was by no means a scientific endeavor. My intentions were to share my experience that pulsed audio tones via speakers can be used for achieving the delta state and if they thought it worked for them. They did.

Can pulsed audio sessions be used for entraining a roomful of people simultaneously? Yes. Sound-only applications were tested by psychologists in major law enforcement agencies, teachers and students, hospitals and rehabs, business professionals, retail outlets, even weightlifting. For people that are visually impaired or are photosensitive, sound-only stimulation has also proven to be beneficial. For more information about sound-only applications contact Michael Landgraf at: (818) 831-7931 or
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