Turning Procrastination into Action


It takes longer to say the word “procrastination” than it oftentimes takes to begin what needs doing. House cleaning, work-related projects, doing taxes, the list of things people put off is endless. Trouble is we still have to do them.



If you don’t want to do something, for whatever the reason, change your attitude about doing it. Make it fun, make it a challenge, make doing it into something positive because the sooner you complete the task the better you will feel. So how do you change your attitude?

Change your brainwaves. You know, the state of mind you enter when you tell yourself you don’t want to do something – change that! The best way, the fastest and most simplest way for that to happen is by using the DAVID Delight Pro light and sound mind machine by Mind Alive, Inc.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

Here’s how: First, select Session 5 in the Meditation category. It is a 36 minute brainwave frequency entrainment session that gradually lowers your conscious awareness into the Theta mind state for creative visualization. During the session picture the task that is making you procrastinate and ponder ways of making it fun, doable and how easily it can be completed. At session’s end, go back to your Delight Pro and choose Session 3 in the Energize category. That is a 20 minute session proven effective through scientific research for getting energized and motivated. So within an hour you will have the right mindset to successfully complete the project that you have spent far more time procrastinating about.


Try this approach and you will find it to be a valuable tool for those times when you say to yourself you would rather procrastinate than do what needs to get done. You’ll do a lot more in less time than before. And you’ll feel damn good about yourself too!


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