Turning an Annoyance into Fun the Light & Sound Way

The San Fernando Valley may be an urban area with too much concrete, noise and crazy drivers, but it also provides frequent visits from wildlife. Just last week a mountain lion was tranquilized and relocated back to the foothills from two blocks over. Opossums stop by for water, squirrels raid the bird feeder and demand unsalted nuts, butterflies and Hummingbirds brighten our yard, even a Peregrine Falcon frequently stops by in hope of an easy score. The coyotes can scale our brick walls with ease and are definitely unwelcome, but that’s a different story for another time.

This is about a raccoon. He is smart, handsome and if he could talk would be the first one to tell you so. He can also be very messy and that became annoying…


So I thought, I like this raccoon, how can I get him to stop rummaging through everything on his daily visits? If he wants to drink from our pool that’s fine, but the constant messes have got to stop. Besides, a neighbor a few houses up feeds him daily, so he’s not starving. The chlorine level of our pool is at the very lowest level so the water isn’t harmful for him to ingest. Heck, just ask all the other backyard critters.

All this thinking turned into brain chatter, too much internal chatter and that became annoying…


I’ve found the best way for me to rid my mind of constant chatter is to do a light and sound session. So I did. A 20 minute low Alpha brainwave entrainment program designed for creativity using my DAVID Delight Pro mind machine.

Half way through the session I had a profound revelation, or I should say a really good idea for getting him to change his ways in a very non-intrusive way. My daughter had given me a little yellow remote controlled truck. It isn’t fast, more for traversing grass, dirt and uneven terrain. I could use it to block his path to the back porch. Good thought, wouldn’t harm him, might work.


It did. I placed the remote truck on the back porch and when he showed up for his early morning foray, I guided the truck between the pool and garden and stopped. A couple of quick starts and stops of the truck when he advanced got through to him. 2 days of this later he got my message. No more rummaging and messing up the porch, just stopping by for his early morning drink. It was a fun little experiment with positive results.

DAVID Delight Pro w/ CES Mind Machine

It’s a little thing, but illustrates how doing a light and sound session can help turn a messy situation into something fun. Mind machines really help find solutions to life’s problems, even little annoying ones.


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