“Talking about brainwave entrainment and light and sound machines”


In the middle 1980’s brainwave entrainment machines were readily available. Psych Research, later to become IQ International, designed and developed InnerQuest mind machines which were considered the best (much like the DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive is viewed today).


















IQ International’s founder, the late Rob Robinson, designed pulsed light and sound sessions so effective that many were used as templates for future sessions or became protocols for learning relaxation instruction.


These past twenty-five years have seen plenty of changes. Setting aside the enormous amount of research supporting light and sound stimulation as beneficial and simply looking at light and sound machines and how far they have evolved, the obvious major change is in having a color selection for the pulsed light stimulation.


Back in the ’80’s your ‘choice’ of colors was red. Red was the only lightframe option. Being a warmer color, red is generally accepted as being conducive to affecting the higher brainwave frequencies and less for, when compared to cooler colors such as blue, brainwave frequencies associated with deep meditation and sleep.


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