by Rayma Ditson-Sommer, Ph.D.

Age has no influence, in fact, those who have been labeled mentally challenged or “older” can benefit from neuroplasticity challenges. The rest of us can experience training for focus, concentration, logic and the ability to perceive sensory input for skill improvement.

As you read you have serotonin altering the blood flow to various parts or your brain.  The serotonin sets off cascades of impulses and modified electrical vibrations to different parts of the brain.  This encourages brain cells to begin to “hold hands” and communicate to enhance connection to make new neurons for brain plasticity.


The thought has been for years that the brain was “hard wired”.  Research assures us that every experience, every new thought, every movement of our bodies promotes brain growth and that age has no influence

Learning is not only possible but probable. In the right setting much progress can be made to improve short term memory and excite the brain to new heights of communication and socialization.

The secret ingredient to mental learning for brain plasticity revolves around the trust factors we support. We must trust our brains and believe they can change. Reciprocal trust is mandatory when learning any new mental function. We must trust our own brains and our brains must trust us to use its abilities.

One of the more interesting factors in brain plasticity is the need for calmness when asking the brain to function well. To function at your highest level you must maintain a low arousal level. The brain cannot function at its best in stressful situations. Becoming anxious or upset delays the brain connection needed for maximum functional memory.

Vibration plays a vital role in the overall scheme of brain function. Frequency, the language of the body, helps connect the brain for growth. Color, light and sound have frequency and influence the brain/body connections. Brain waves are displayed in frequency; sound frequency and color frequency all merge giving impact to the brain for change. The frequency of movement also plays a role in this combination of stimulation for brain growth.

Learning to use sound color and movement sends an impacted message to the brain to wake up, connect and experience new neuronal growth. Specific training protocols have proven highly effective in developing new neuronal growth in the brain. Proof of such growth can be monitored through PET Scans. New neuronal growth can be traced and measured to trace specific growth in designated areas of the brain.

Many well known psychiatrist and neurology based researcher have preset programs to develop brain-body connections. These programs center around mental exercises, diet, exercise and other well-known approaches to better mental health development. In Phoenix, the OPNET Program has a program for neuronal growth and sensory integration to specifically develop new mental ability in children and adults through the use of light, sound and color frequencies as the base of the program. Through brain stem stimulation, calmness development, attentional focus and self- confidence training exciting results have been recorded.

Because frequency is the language of the brain it becomes an advantage to use neurotechnology of light, sound and color to enhance brain function. The brain has four brain waves, delta alpha beta and theta. All four are used daily to direct the thought processes of the brain to accomplish certain goals. The Vitalink color sound unit has specific programs to develop brain plasticity in designated areas of need. By developing the ability to calmly direct the brain processes, greater function is reached and new neuronal growth is accomplished. By developing emotional strength, self soothing, self enhancement and healing emotions the brain becomes healthier and ready to function at an enhanced level. The Vitalink Training Manual provides step-by-step approached to developing a calm, capable growing brain. Lessons on developing anchors, managing stress, developing better memory and countless approaches to better and more capable brains are easily followed and produce exciting results.

It is important to remember that for four hundred years we have thought that we died with the same brain we were born using. Research has now proven that we have the ability to make new neurons for our brains to keep them young, fluid and useful.

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