Part 3

By Don Estes – Founder and Director of InnerSense, Inc. 



Waveforms have a triune nature like all other realities. They have a frequency, a phase and a magnitude (see diagram one). Frequency is merely the carrier wave, the component that establishes resonance between transmitter and receiver.

Frequency is the number of wave peaks per unit of time, phase is the relative spacing of the peaks and valleys and magnitude is the height of the wave. When you dial in 98.7 on the radio dial you do not hear that frequency. Rather you hear the phases and magnitudes of all the overtones riding on the carrier wave. In other words, the frequency determines resonance but the actual information is carried on the phases and magnitudes of the overtones. Phase also reveals the Cycle of Manifestation, which shows how intention manifests as a flow from thought through expression and action into materialization.

The Portacle

However, going beyond phase and magnitude closer to the origin of matter, there is an even deeper and more primal realm of reality that exists on the other side of the quantum veil. No one has seen what happens in this magical imaginary potential realm because is it too small to observe, but again, supercomputing technology can provide the answer by combining advanced understandings of engineering, digital signal processing and vibrational science.

Known in science as inverse or reciprocal space, the spectral imaginary domain or beyond the quantum veil, it is known by the general populace as the other side. A new science called Automata, details the nature and operation of this realm. Automata make up the underlying circuit board upon which the energies of life interact. Cellular Automata and Digital Physics are quickly becoming the next frontier in science. However, few realize that the ones and zeros are actually the real and imaginary. Research into Stochastic Automata will be the next be science directed at understanding how intention manifests in the real world.

We live on this side of the quantum veil in the time domain. Reality begins to manifest when consciousness reaches across the veil into the spectral domain with thought and intentionally combines automatous agents called automata into the complex frequencies that set out to manifest the intention. These agents of change exist as a dual pair that remains totally discreet on the other side. However, when they are combined by mind, they form the strings of matter that physicists now realize are woven together to create the membranes of life that we see all around us.

Engineers have been aware of this for years. They call these agents real and imaginary. These are perhaps bad designations as it makes it sound like one is not real. However, it is more real than the other as their imaginary world is in fact the potential that lies shrouded in the mystery of the future. The real component is that which already exists in the past and present as an actual material object, event or circumstance. In other words, all things exist as both actual and potential. These coefficients determine the shape of things and, through phase and magnitude, manage the width, height, and depth of material objects.

AVS Journal Vol. 8, #1

Engineers express the relationship between real and imaginary as a structure called the S Plane, where the x-horizontal is the real (cosine) plane and the y-vertical represents the imaginary (sine) wave coefficient. Any signal can be drawn in this manner where the imaginary defines the frequency and the real describes the amplitude envelope of the wave.

All human suffering stems from the difference between who a person says they are and who they really are…the polarity of their actual and potential. This difference eventuates a tension, which becomes a black hole that draws in any person, event or circumstance that is resonant enough to be of use in resolving the contrast. Integrating one’s actual and potential can quickly advance them to their next highest level.

One thing they forgot to tell us in Trigonometry is that the imaginary (potential) phase is carried by the sine wave component whereas the real (actual) phase is a property of the cosine wave. In more practical terms, the sinewave carries the part of the signal that comes from the machine. whereas the cosine carries the part that originates with the player/operator. Resolving the difference between these two driving forces results in unification and wholeness.

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