Open-Eye Style Lightframes

If you are searching for the finest, most complete mind machine stimulation system created, it is the Mind Alive Delight Pro Light, Sound and CES system with Multi-Color lightframes, Tru-view open-eye style lightframes and session editor software for designing your own specific creation of light, sound and cranio-electrical frequency patterns.

“What is the best light and sound mind machine available” is a question I am frequently asked. I always reply the MindAlive Delight Pro with CES. It is not the most expensive mind machine, it is the most effective. The Delight Pro is the light, sound and CES mind machine I use both personally and professionally.

Others can say how ergonomically designed and professionally appealing the Delight Pro is. But I’ve heard told a picture is worth a thousand words, so…

Unit colors: Black, Yellow or Blue

Multi-Color Lightframes

Like my clients and customers, ease-of-handling and appearance is important, but my customers and I want a mind machine that works, meets specific needs and is easy to use. The MindAlive Delight Pro with CES is all of that and more.

Mind Alive Session Editor Software Screen Image for Delight Pro

Having those three accessories gives us the most versatile mind machine around, enabling you to include expanding your ability to utilize light, sound and cranio-electrical stimulation and create specific sessions to meet your particular needs. Also included is the special software that enables you to design your own sessions and download into your Delight Pro. Add to that the easiest to use multi-color lightframes made – both in quality construction and ease at changing the light stimulation from one color to another. Total left / right independent visual color control. Or for when reading, studying, visiting the gym or just watching the clouds roll by overhead while you lay there giving thought to your goals, the Tru-Vu Omniscreen lightframes with viewholes enables you to enjoy the light and sound mind machine experience through open eyes. You’ll never need another system – the Delight Pro is built to last a lifetime – with an infinite amount of possible applications.

If you’d like to receive a copy of the owners manual before making a purchase, send us an email requesting the manual. We’ll gladly send you the downloadable guide to help you understanding why the Delight Pro with CES and accessories is the finest mind machine available. To learn more simply call us at 818-831-7931 or email