The Light and Sound Dictionary… continued

Gentle on/off refers to starting a session by slowly ramping on the sound volume and light intensity, and ending a session by slowly ramping them back off. This feature makes the transition into and out of a session more pleasant, and prevents sudden jerky endings that can destroy the effect of a session.

GSR stands for galvanic skin resistance. It measures the variations of your skin’s sweat gland and pore size activity, both of which are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. It is a measurement of your physical reactions to states of stress and relaxation.


Harmonic frequencies are basically multiples of each other. It is believed these frequencies act more in agreement or unison with each other than other frequency combinations.

Harmonic multiple frequencies are the result of multiplying a number by a lower offset frequency to produce a higher offset frequency. It is a technique used in designing binaural beat sessions.

Hertz refers to cycles per second, or how often something repeats itself within each second. Named for Heinrich Hertz (1857-94). Hertz is the primary measurement of sound, but is fast losing popularity to amplitude. Hertz used to be called “cycles per second”, meaning the number of times a repetitive event occurred per second. Then someone noticed that physicist Heinrich Hertz had no measurement unit named after him, so he was appropriately immortalized.

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