The Light and Sound Dictionary… continued

Frequency Following Response refers to the brain’s natural tendency to mimic or resonate the same frequencies generated by outside stimuli. This is the process light and sound instruments utilize for entraining the brain.

Gamma brainwave frequencies are associated with being highly motivated and mentally alert. These frequency patterns start at 35Hz and increase.

Ganzfeld in German means “all-field”. Refers to gazing into a snowy-white background as a technique for achieving altered states. Ganzfeld is an effect discovered by German scientists in the 1930s, in which the eyes are exposed to a totally uniform visual field, with no edges, color changes, or movement. This can be achieved by looking up at the sky on a clear, cloudless day, or with very specially constructed illuminated glasses. The circuitry in the brain that is constantly scanning the visual field for edges and movement finds absolutely nothing, and shortly shuts visual sensation off, as the eye responds primarily to changes. Soon the subject cannot tell if his eyes are open or closed, and altered states of consciousness result.

Gel filter The cheapest method for acquiring a variety of colors for your light and sound system. Color filter gels are color overlays that fit between your white LED lightframes and eyes. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your goals and moods. Simply use any color filter gel in front of your white lightframes. That’s all there is to it. You use your AVS machine in tandem with these gels. Set your light glasses on any table top or desk and put any color gel right in front of the white LEDs. Use your light and sound machine in manual mode so you can change the frequency to whatever makes you comfortable. You can purchase gel filter sheets in dozens of color varieties from your local photography store.

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