The Light and Sound Dictionary… continued


Consciousness management technique refers to the overall process of light and sound technology.

Consciousness self-regulation technique refers to the overall process of biofeedback.

Delta brainwave frequencies are associated with sleep. These frequencies range between .5-3Hz.

Downloading is the process of transferring sessions from a PC computer to a light and sound/sound only instrument. Download is the process of sending sessions from a PC computer over a USB port to a light/sound system. This allows new sessions to be installed easily.

Dual monaural beats occur when two closely spaced pitches are mixed in the same ear, beats are heard at the difference of pitches.

Dual independent binaural beats occur by running two binaural beat generators simultaneously. Two tones plus two binaural beat offsets are heard by both ears, for a total of four tones and four offsets (the two left offset tones against both right offset tones). The results produce very complex and dynamic frequency variations that may seem confusing, but sound really great.

Duty cycle impacts the sensation of light and sound stimulation. It refers to how long the light or sound stimulation cycle is on. For instance, if the duty cycle is set at 30%, that means the stimulation is on for 30% of the cycle and off for 70%. Duty cycle refers to the portion of a stimulation cycle that the light or sound is “on”. For example, a duty cycle of 40% means that the stimulation is on 40% of the cycle and off for 60% of the cycle. Some light and sound machines provide duty cycle control and it does have an impact on the resulting sensation.

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