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Biofeedback is a process by which participants must generate the targeted brainwave with no outside stimulation.

Biofeed-in is another term used to describe how the entrainment process of light and sound stimulation is performed. The opposite of biofeedback.

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Brainwaves are the electrical wave patterns generated by our brain. Our brain contains roughly 100 billion neurons that function by generating and passing these electrical signals. The sum of all these electrical signals and their activity can be recorded and observed via an EEG instrument. These brain waves appear as irregular yet repetitive “wavy lines” that are a mixture of frequencies ranging from below 1Hz to more than 40Hz. The predominance of a certain brain wave frequency is what determines what brain state or state of awareness an individual is experiencing at any given moment. Brain waves are the voltage patterns generated by the brain. The brain contains some 100 billion neurons which operate by generating and passing electrical signals. The summation of all this electrical activity results in signals that can be detected and recorded outside the brain. Different brain wave patterns have been found to be associated with different states of awareness.

Cautions when used as a medical disclaimer: For individuals, AVS / light and sound stimulation has been proven to be extremely save and effective. However, whether knowingly or not, there are a small percentage of individuals with undiagnosed photosensitive epilepsy who experience their first seizure when exposed to pulsing light. Flashing traffic lights, video games, emergency vehicle lights, and entertainment strobe lights have all initiated seizures in such individuals. Therefore, if you experience any uneasiness or nausea during your first light and sound experience, take off the glasses immediately and stop your light and sound session. Consult your physician for a diagnosis and proper medical prevention. Also, seek your doctor’s supervision before using a light and sound device if you: have ever experienced any form of seizure disorder or epilepsy; have ever suffered any type of head injury or concussion; are presently or have recently taken prescription or illegal psychoactive drugs, such as barbiturates, tranquilizers, or stimulants of any type; are sensitive to bright or pulsing light, or find that such light can produce headaches or other discomforts; have a pacemaker or suffer from any form of cardiovascular problems including cardiac arrhythmia’s or other heart disorders; have a history of mental disorders and/or hallucinations; suffer from any major health problem. No medical claims are made for using light and sound products. Do not use a light/sound machine to try to heal yourself. They are a powerful self-improvement tool and can help you achieve deep states of relaxation, but they can in no way replace the knowledge and expertise your physician or other health care professional provides.

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