The Light and Sound Dictionary… continued


Musical scale is how the sound frequencies are chosen as notes for playing music. Musical scale refers to the way in which particular sound frequencies are picked as the notes to be used in playing music. An octave is a musical interval with a frequency ratio of 2/1 (e.g. 220 to 440 Hertz). Different cultures and musical traditions have used many different ways of dividing an octave. Western (this is Western as opposed to Eastern, not Country Western) music is mostly based on the tempered scale, with 12 notes per octave and equal frequency ratios between adjacent notes.

Neurofeedback incorporates EEG instrumentation with biofeedback to heighten the participant’s ability for achieving targeted brainwave frequencies. See EEG / Neurofeedback.

Octave is an interval between notes that has a frequency ratio of 2/1. The tempered scale has 12 total notes, seven natural notes and five sharps and flats. Octave is a interval between notes that has a 2/1 frequency ratio (e.g. 220 to 440 Hertz). In the tempered scale there are 12 total notes in an octave, seven “white key” or natural notes and five “black key” sharps and flats.

Offset frequency occurs with dual binaural beats. It is the frequency the mind actually hears when stimulated by two different frequencies. For example, the mind is stimulated by a frequency of 200Hz and simultaneously by 190Hz. The mind subtracts the difference, which is 10Hz. This is the frequency actually heard by the mind and is a frequency associated with the alpha brainwave state.

Phase is used for timing the relationship between light and sound stimulation- between the lightframes and headphones. Phase is the timing relationship between the different stimulation channels –the two eyes and the two ears. When pulsed sounds are selected, there are six phase settings available.

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